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5 exercises to reduce the statin muscle pain

  5 exercises to relieve statin muscle pain

The use of statin medication, which is commonly used in people at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, is associated with muscle pain. This can be achieved through a few simple exercises at home.

The Stain drug, a conventional drug that is given to cardiovascular patients, can have serious effects on the body. Statins can have irregular or sudden calcium leaks in the muscle cells, the British Heart Foundation reports. This can be one of the main causes of pain, numbness and other nerve and bone problems in cardiovascular cases. In typical cases, the release of calcium in the body regulates the contraction of the muscles. The solution to this problem is exercise. The study concluded that moderate exercise can alleviate muscle pain caused by statins in particular.

Here are some effective exercises to relieve muscle pain and numbness that are mainly caused by the statin drug: [1

9659005] Squats

Squats are one of the easiest exercises for the core and help in the process Relief of lower-body pain. The best thing about squats is that they can be adjusted as needed. Just add a little weight, and you can have an extraordinary effect if you squat regularly. For statin muscle pain, you should do the simple squats without adding extra weight.

Forward bending

If you have muscle pain in your back or arms due to the statin, forward bending is strongly recommended to get rid of the condition. A forward bend strengthens the thighs and buttocks muscles and relieves the muscles. Muscle pain, which is mainly caused by the statin drug, requires an easy exercise as it is also effective for those working to lower their cholesterol with the statin drug. This exercise is simple and can be done quickly at home. Just make sure you do not pull too much on the hamstring.

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Another great exercise to get rid of muscle aches and numbness is lunges. In Lunge steps, you can change the intensity of the workout according to your condition. If the pain is stronger, you can give in a little, hold the position and repeat. Simple lunges help improve muscle health and strengthen the core and legs. These exercises, when performed with weights, can also be performed in the arm area.


A simple exercise that can be performed anytime, anywhere. Crunches do not require equipment, you need a mat on which you lie down and start pulling your upper body against gravity. You will feel the effect on your abdominal muscles and lower abdomen area. Crunches are great for strengthening the entire body, including body parts such as legs, arms, back and torso.

The Bridge Posture

A Trendy Yoga Posture The bridge posture is a great asana for alleviating various health problems. It helps with weight loss, promotes digestion and even relieves muscle pain greatly. The bridge not only relieves the pain caused by the statin, but also strengthens the torso, back and leg muscles.

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