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5 dumbbells fitness influencers use for big arms

If your New Year goals are to prioritize fitness, using exercise equipment is a sure way to make sure you never miss a workout – and one of the key fitness equipment you need is a reliable pair of dumbbells.

It is well known that dumbbells are the first type of equipment you should achieve if you want to tighten your arms, believe it or not, but they are also effective for various workouts and can be used to attack other muscle groups. Not only are they versatile, they are also lighter and more portable than other common fitness equipment.

Our goal is to find the best options at home by addressing some of the biggest names in the fitness industry – including Kayla Itsines, Lacey Stone, the Tone It Up Girls, and more ̵

1; to hear their favorites. Below are personal recommendations from seven top fitness influencers about the best dumbbells that you can buy for taut arms. The next time life gets in the way and you can not go to the gym, you can still make a quick weld jump no matter where you are. (See also: The Essential Training Equipment You Need for Your Home Workout)

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