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5 burning questions that need to be answered

Angry! It was pretty much the season of Mediterranean below deck. Seriously, the final season of the Bravo reality show, which follows the crew of a superyacht under the command of Captain Sandy Yawn, was one of the few fun moments in this hellish year of our Lord of 2020. We saw quite a number of couples ( Malia and Tom, Jess and Rob, Bugsy and Alex), a slew of layoffs (RIP Lara, Kiko, Hannah and Pete – kind of) and of course a slew of dramas – so much, in fact, that we still have some burning ones to have questions Below deck Med Reunion.

For your information, the two-part reunion starts on Monday 1

9th October at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

Was Rob really flirting with charter guest Hannah Yu?

We want to find out more about what really happened between Rob Westergaard and charter guest Hannah Yu. In case you need a refresher, Hannah was one of the mothers in the final charter. Not only did Rob seem to be flirting with her after being stung by a jellyfish, but he also appeared very I was interested in chatting to Hannah when he ran into her a post-charter bar – which deeply pissed off Rob’s friend Jess More.

On a recent appearance on the Another Below Deck podcast, Hannah confirmed that it looked like Rob was flirting with her. In fact, she thought he was single! “I totally thought he was single with all the things he said to me,” she allegedly said. “I thought he was this guy who, you know how boys are, just says things. And I was like what whatever. But I was shocked. “

We’ll be curious what Rob has to say about it.

What’s the status of Jess and Rob now?

Jess and Rob’s Bali trip came as a surprise and was a disaster. “I had always looked forward to this trip, [and] it didn’t go well, ”Jess said to Andy Cohen on a recent episode of See what happens live.

Nobody is surprised either, Jess and Rob are no longer together – and hardly speak to each other. “We don’t really communicate,” said Jess In contact weekly. “He’s got a really good heart, you know, down there somewhere. I wish him the best of luck, but I don’t think we’ll really communicate in the future. “

Cant wait to see her face to face at the reunion! Embarrassing.

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Is it getting uncomfortable between Captain Sandy and Hannah?

You can bet on it! In a preview of the Reunion episode, Hannah accuses Sandy of not trusting her (and ultimately firing her) simply because she had drugs on board to treat anxiety.

“I don’t trust you because you lie,” says Sandy. “You are dishonest.”

Check out the full interaction here.

Will Pete be at the reunion?

Pete Hunziker was the season’s most controversial performer. In early episodes, viewers watched the deckhand harass various female crew members with sexist and inappropriate comments, leading Bugsy Drake and Malia White to speak out about their complaints. Then, in the middle of the season, Bravo announced that Pete would be cut out of the rest of the season because of a previous racist Facebook post.

“Peter Hunziker from Mediterranean below deck was fired because of his racist post, “Bravo announced on Instagram. “Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his occurrence for subsequent episodes.”

We understand that Pete will not show up at the reunion.

Can Bugsy and Alex get married yet, please?

Um, there is hope.

“As for Alex and me, we’re both obviously working on opposite ends of the world,” she said See what happens live. “But we met, feelings came back and we only see where we are going from here. We’re really good friends, but yeah we’ll see. “

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