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5 & # 39; No excuses & # 39; Tricks to stay your workouts

We've had these days when we've forgotten our sneakers or just do not get on time to squeeze some cardio. But if you regularly skip training for stupid reasons ("I just washed my hair!"), It's time to organize your life to make it easier to get exercise.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a seamless fitness habit is not just willpower. â € œMost training goes back to preparation and habits, â € says Mark Crabtree, ATC, founder of Ignite Fitness in Naperville, Illinois.
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Optimizing your daily routine eliminates excuses that could derail you in moments of weakness. "They only have a limited supply of willpower on a given day," says Christine Carter, Ph.D, sociologist and author of The Sweet Spot. " If something is a habit, you run on autopilot, so you do not have to fall back on these limited opportunities for self-control."

These simple tricks will show what keeps you from getting fit ̵

1; and you'll learn how to get back on track with your routine.

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No excuses: 5 ways to stay on your workouts

1. You always forget to pack your sports bag.
"If you're constantly forgetting something that's so important to your training, it's always like a little act of self-sabotage," says Carter. Put a post-it on your sneakers for two weeks and say, "Do you have all your gear?" After all, you'll automatically think about checking that even if your sneaks are sans reminder.

Another clever option is to get a sports bag with separate sections so you can easily see if something important is missing. "Bags are customizable for each person, but it can help to have one with compartments for your sweaty stuff, for your work clothes, for snacks and water, and for things like keys," says Crabtree

2. At the end of the day you are too greedy.
"Solve this problem by preparing your meals for each week at a time," says Carter. (Or, start with these 12 brilliant food prescription ideas to free your time.) Startled by the thought of eating a turkey sandwich prepared three days in advance, at least try to plan your menus so you can stock up on Sunday at the grocery store ,

After Whole Foods Trips Are A Surefire Thing So You Can Thwart Your Goal To Going To The Gym Before Dinner. One solution might be to introduce a pre-workout snack to your routine It will not only fuel you, but "this food will be part of your mindset, and if you eat it, you'll know there's going to be training soon," says Crabtree. If they are not perishable, you should put snacks in your sports bag for a week, so you do not have to remember to do it every day.

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3. You are browsing the basket in the morning.
No, we & # 39; I will not tell you to sleep in your sports clothes (just put them out the night before) because no matter how comfortable these Nike leggings may be, you should only wear them for training. "Do not Wear Exercise Clothing" If you tie your brain to these clothes just to train it, it will start to get you in the right mood when you get dressed. "Also, there is less chance for you equipment gets dirty when you need it if you do not live in it 24/7.

4. You stay up late and skip morning workouts.
Ah, that's a song of avoiding bedtime sleep in favor of scrolling through your Instagram feed. Give yourself a tough deadline when you close and publish your screens for the day, Carter says. "Tell colleagues, friends, and family that you will not text, phone, or send e-mail after a certain amount of time." Carter says, this may sound extreme, but sleep is a key factor in making the training time non-negotiable. "Most people would attend a medical appointment, a meeting with i Do not miss a lawyer or a work meeting, "says Crabtree. "Treat your training as if it has the same importance – it's a meeting scheduled with yourself."

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5. You will be expelled from training because you will never register in time.
Self sabot strikes again! "If you are really motivated to do something that requires a reservation, you will be able to do it," says Carter. Look at these training motivation tips and set at least one weekly reminder to initiate your enrollment (end date: never). It's best if you can do all of your registrations at the same time, Carter says, but you can make multiple announcements as needed. Even better, find a training solution that gives you access at any time of day (hello, DailyBurn 365!)

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