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43 non-traditional anniversary gifts per year

Nate and I love the tradition which is why after 15 years of marriage we continue to buy traditional anniversary gifts . Some of our choices were entertaining winners, others were big winners (like the wine rack I'm currently using for hats). Some were gems, others did not cost a penny. But I love that traditional gifts require you to get creative. This is a list of the products we have bought over the past decade and my recommendations on different prices for traditional anniversary gifts.

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. 1 Year: Paper

What We Gave: It's the first year of marital bliss and I had a list of poetry (that Nate) actually bound me in a book. He wrote another poem. Ahh, to be young and in love.
Gift Ideas: Concert Tickets, a framed photo of your wedding, or this adorable "Buddy for Life" print ( Unusual Goods from $ 30).

. 2 Year: Cotton

What We Gave: We are still newlyweds and our gifts reflect it. Nate gave me a pretty yellow blanket that was embroidered with our wedding date; I gave him a scarf that he rarely wears.
Gift Ideas: With a set of 100 percent cotton sheets, you can pretend to be a fancy place ( Brooklinen from $ 99). At this point I would be pleased to receive a new pack of Hanes Comfort Briefs ( Amazon from $ 9).

. 3 Year: Leather

What we gave: I gave Nate a monogrammed leather pass that he often uses. He bought me a watch with a leather strap.
Gift Ideas: A chic, buttery-soft leather passport cover ( Smythson $ 180), a pretty Dopp set ( Etsy $ 24), beautiful SMS leather gloves ( Brooks Brothers $ 138) or a Leather Bookmark ( Will Leather Goods $ 25), which goes well with a meaningful book.

. 4 Year: Fruits and Flowers

What we gave: To mark this anniversary, I gave Nate a "pair" of Knicks tickets tied to a pear. He gave me a pressed flower necklace, which serves as a pretty decoration on my bedside table.
Gift Ideas: Send the Gift of a Fruit Tree ( Amazon 70 USD) or Flowers ([19459004)] The Bouqs Co. $ 39), a pair of concert tickets Sporting events or even movie tickets .

. 5 Year: Wood

What We Gave: Nate gave me a teak memory box for letters and cards – along with lots of mature jokes about wood. I had a tree planted in the park where we were engaged. We went home every year to see the growth.
Gift Ideas: Have a tree planted on behalf of your spouse, an olive wood mortar and pestle for the Margarita Night ( Amazon $ 34) or an engraved, customized wooden map ( Etsy from $ 59).

. 6 Year: Iron or Candy

What We Gave: This is the year of the wine-slash hat-bearer. I gave Nate a cast-iron pan.
Gift Ideas: Fancy Sweets ( Sugarfina $ 28) or maybe a piece of cast-iron lodge cookware ( Amazon $ 15) – we love each other and it's much cheaper as other brands.

. 7 Year: Wool or Copper

What we gave: I got Nate a bucket that is leaking and lying on the counter. Nate also gave me a slash and dresser necklace.
Gift Ideas: Cuddly Wool Socks ( Bombas $ 78 for a four-piece gift set), a Copper Rod Tool Set ([19459004)] Pottery Barn $ 59) or even matching sweaters ( LL Bean 69 USD and LL Bean 69 USD). A series of Moscow Mule mugs ( Food 52 $ 63 for a series of four) would be a good choice for copper.

. 8 Year: Bronze

What we gave: Nate & # 39; s a fan sleep and used the old-fashioned version of his father until it broke out and left him very disappointed. I found a similar model with bronze blades. Nate gave me a (winning!) Necklace from Me & Ro – a bronze number 8, which was used from a guest room at the Plaza Hotel.
Gift Ideas: A pretty pair of bronze drop earrings ( Need Supply $ 116), a Fitbit volume in this hue ( Fitbit $ 70), the This artistic bicycle lover's wall sculpture ( Unusual Merchandise $ 80), or a bronze-colored toilet paper holder ( Amazon $ 25) for the revaluation of my time.

. 9 Year: Ceramics

What we gave: This was a banner year. I found a cool Jonathan Adler matchbox shaped like a boom box, and Nate gave me a ceramic owl that I use for treats with dogs.
Gift Ideas: Everything from Jonathan Adler Pottery ( Amazon $ 30) or this beautiful line ( Marian Bull $ 195). Or take part in a pottery class together.

10th Vintage: Tin or Aluminum

What we have given: Nate has brought me to serve plates. I gave him an old-fashioned train set, God knows why; and a wine opener that's more our speed.
Giving Ideas: A Completely Black Aluminum Espresso Machine ( Need Supply $ 100), a Stylish Hammered Serving Tray ( Goop $ 134), or these tin-glazed ceramics in a milky white color ( Food 52 from $ 20) are available.

. 11 Year: Steel

What we gave: [19659055] I gave Nate a photo of the artist Jesse Rieser who lives in a steel frame. He gave me a Steel Magnolia DVD, which is my favorite movie in the world and the only reason I learned to play a DVD player.
Gift Ideas: This playful type of heart spoon by Italian design brand Alessi ( Amazon $ 31 for a set of four).

12th Year: Silk, Linen or Pearls

What we gave: Nate gave me a linen tablecloth. I gave him a fly with a cool oyster print.
Gift Ideas: A set of special linen cocktail napkins ( Neiman Marcus $ 64 for a group of four) for a festive dinner party, a series of silk pajamas ( Amazon $ 119), stackable pearl rings ( Catbird $ 35) and these funny loops ( Nola Couture $ 55).

. 13 Year: Tip

What we gave: I gave Nate a new pair of sneakers (shoelaces!). He gave me a lace sequin wrap that I promise to wear someday.
Gift Ideas: A Funky Pair of Laces ( Whiskers Laces $ 15) or an Airy Robe with Lace Trim ( Amazon from $ 34.

14th year : Ivory

What we gave: Genuine ivory is a result of poaching (and one of the biggest threats to elephants), so I bought Nate a shaving set with artificial ivory handles and bought me a nice ivory-shaped comb in a fancy green Leather bag I treasure every day and use to comb my hair.
Gift Ideas: Splurgy Shaving Kit ( The Rake $ 130) and Equally Fancy Comb ( August Grooming $ 60).

15th year: Crystal

What we gave: We are not much for poetry these days, but we still appreciate the practical and beautiful things in life. "Nate bought me one Carafe, so I can and I bought him a coaster when we bought a bottle of wine.
Gift Ideas: Elegant Cubic Zirconia Earrings ( Nordstrom $ 39, This Wine Cellar Amazon $ 35) or a Decanter ( Amazon [US $ 43]

Anne Roderique-Jones is a freelance writer and publisher whose work has appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, Southern Living, Town & Country, and Condé Nast Traveler. Twitter [19659081] and Instagram .

The content of each "Anything Once" column is the author's opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of SELF or SELF publishers. *

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