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4 winning votes for an iron way of thinking

In pursuing the Olympic title he considers his fate, Derek Lunsford spits mountains of iron and follows a diet that is so severe that a soldier gets into MRE's shudder. But the engine that drives the effort and accelerates this molded-meat rocket ship toward the showdown for the Sandow is his bullet-proof mind. Step into Lunsford's head and you could implode under the weight of the challenge he's faced. He is a no-nonsense competitor.

His advice is simple – but not easy. Follow his four tips to preserve a champion's attitude and find a way to winning your dreams.

. 1 Higher Objectives

"I used to think that it would be enough to become an Olympic champion, but I realized that I have to have a higher purpose for what I do, that more of it is in it me, "says Lunsford.

This higher purpose means concentrating on the right reasons, being a positive role model for his legions of fans and doing everything possible to spread Iron Fever. To this end, he has launched his own platform, which aims to reach as many people as possible through online training and individual coaching.

  Higher Target

A higher goal also means treading the social path media.

"It would be so easy if I went online and just started talking about another competitor, I could probably double my allegiance, but that's not my way," he says.

If you want to succeed, find your higher purpose and think about it in everything you do.

. 2 Sacrifice

As great warriors have shown throughout history, there is no victory without sacrifice. Lunsford's strict diet and his formula-1 metabolism mean that he always has the feeling of starving after three hours of re-feeding. Being tall means that he has to accept the loneliness of the iron and give up many things without which other people can not live. It's worth everything to him.

"My goal is to become an Olympic champion and I'm hungry for more of my goals than food," he says.

If you are hungry to achieve your goals, follow Lunsford's example. Success depends as much on what you give up as on what you do.

. 3 Embrace Misery

When champions like Lunsford enter the Olympia stage and reveal the arsenal of muscle that they built and sculpted last year, they are at an all-time high of beauty. The only way to achieve this look is to diet a diet and schedule for cutting fluid that gets more and more severe as they approach the big day when there's no ounce of fat left on their bodies.

"When I reach him At the point where I have so little energy that I can barely get up from the couch, and I'm so skinny that my butt hurts when I'm sitting in a chair, I know that I'm ready, "he says. "That's when you're ultra-shredded."

  Embrace Misery

It's a punishment job, but that's what it takes to be the best, so Lunsford takes on misery. It will not be easy to reach your goals. If it gets difficult, you can put up with sucking.

. 4 Make the gym your job

We all know the man who loves walking around the gym wearing wrist guards and unshodched combat boots, sipping from a gallon jar of frost-free liquid, and pausing to take in anyone only half listening to gagging the ear. He needs more time to get exactly the right picture in the mirror, rather than smacking plates. Not Lunsford.

"I want to be a positive role model and greet the people who come to me, but I'll be brief," he says. "That's my job and I'm very focused on what I do." On the way to the gym, I meditate on the training I'm doing right now.I wear headphones in the gym, do not make eye contact and get started. "

You want to make profits, treat the gym like your job. Beat the clock, apply intelligent training techniques and increase your results – and save your social hour for later.

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