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4 tips for great Abs

"Abdominals are made in the kitchen," says the fitness spell. A more precise formulation, however, would be: "Abs are revealed in the kitchen." They are made in the gym during your abdominal training and even during full body workouts. There you build up the muscle tissue that is later discovered by removing excess belly fat.

After you have dialed your diet, you leave the kitchen and go to the gym for training. To help you with this, here are four strategies for abdominal training that can help you improve your core muscles and develop a torso to stop scrolling. Regardless of your current routine, these abdominal movements can make a big difference.

Tip # 1
: Use Weighted Core Exercises in Your Workouts

The abdominals are like anything you exercise; In this sense, they are not different from the shoulder muscles. They all benefit from a weighted resistance, whether from a cable, a dumbbell, etc. There is a fear in the fitness world that using weight in your workout will increase the size of your waist and confuse your trunk's symmetry. That's not the case. If you perform weighted movements as part of your workout, those abdominal muscles will burst even more when you lose weight.

When performed properly, the weighed cable is a great exercise for your abdominal training. Your stomach contracts hard, and the pulley pulls on where you need it, uninterruptedly. Use your abdominals, not your hip flexors, to crunch. Firmly squeeze your abdominal muscles as you participate in this exercise. Feel this contraction completely at each crunch.

Hit your crooked muscles by crunching your shoulder and dipping your shoulders to either side.

Tip # 2: Raise slowly while slowing down while exercising

You should know this now, but it is important to repeat: During training, the impulse does not help anyone. Your six-pack is no different in this respect from any other muscle group. When you try to build up, every repetition counts. At each repetition, slow down and maintain control throughout the movement. Your abs will work harder and result in better training results.

  Tip # 2: Raise slowly, lose weight even more while exercising

Take the abdominal muscle favorite, the Hanging Knee. If all your knee raises look like the beginning of a kipping pull-up, you are not alone; It is easy to create momentum and to lift these legs by swinging. Unfortunately, this type of swing does not do much for your abdominal muscles or your abdominal workouts.

Begin by securing your knees to your chin, causing your hips to lift and contract your abdominal muscles. Exhale at the top of the contraction to further activate your abdominal muscles. Lower your knees slowly with the control. Slower means that you do fewer repetitions, but each of these repetitions will bring much more to your lower abdominals. Only switch to the straight-leg lifts if you are proficient in the curved-leg exercise in your workout.

Would you like to focus on your oblique muscles? Lift your knees on both sides. Do you want to add resistance? Hold a dumbbell between your ankles.

Tip # 3: Focus on Stability During Exercise

At its core, it's not all about the six-pack. It is also responsible for keeping you upright and maintaining stability in other tasks. If you have a weak core, it will affect your training in other exercises, such as: B. in the squat or even in such a simple dumbbell Curl. To stabilize the weight before you can lift it for an exercise, you need strength.

In addition, the transverse abdominals – the "belt" muscle that wraps around your midsection – are made stronger and firmer by stabilizing isometric exercises than by crunches. This means that with all the adventurous abdominal exercises that you have included in your abdominal training, you lack the only muscle that helps to tone everything up. [3] Focus on stability during your workout "src =" https://www.bodybuilding.com/images/2018/december/4-tips-for-awesome-abs-2-35×35.jpg "data-src = "https://www.bodybuilding.com/images/2018/december/4-tips-for-awesome-abs-2-700xh.jpg" />

Do not worry, there is a simple solution: an exercise I do not just mean the traditional version of the exercise, but the standard plank position, you should also incorporate side planks into your training, by making regular planks and then a plank for each side and in your abdominal training, you will soon see a noticeable improvement in the Each bodybuilding fan has read about the top pros on the stage for extended stomachs, and champions of the so-called Golden Age of bodybuilding used vacuum cleaners during training to keep their abdominal muscles tight. After that classic waist too After losing weight, she has seen a comeback among today's fitness stars in recent years.

You can not only include vacuum cleaners in your abdominal training, but also this exercise between sets as you train other muscles. It's a simple way to double your abdominal pain, and it can be a killer superset no matter what you're exercising.

Perform your normal set and try to make a vacuum before you start your next one With some practice and consistency, you get better control over your waist and your breathing. This exercise can also benefit your other training and exercise routines.

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