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4 Secrets for Titanic Triceps

When you think of big arms, the biceps and dumbbell curls will first come to mind. But if you have been exercising for more than a week, you have probably heard that triceps and not biceps are equally important for arm mass above the elbow.

Resist the urge to take this knowledge and simply beat repetitions of heavy extensions and push-downs during exercise and think that you are good. There are many more effective ways to build these horseshoes, whether you use dumbbells, barbell and machine movements. How to train this muscle is important if you want to achieve solid training results.

Here's what you need to do.

Tip 1
: Prepare your elbows for the upcoming workout

in a workout. What do they all have in common? The elbows bend, repetition after repetition. And all this work and all those repetitions that use the elbow joints, along with strong resistance, can take its toll if you do not prepare them accordingly. Few sets of light on a cable presser that use an overhand grip can be a big plus to the general Health of the elbow pose. The use of a cable movement provides uniform resistance and helps to direct blood to the arm while the elbow is heated. This extra preparation can help relieve pain in the elbow not only during the session, but also during other upper body movements.

Tip 2: Big presses for a big triceps

If you've done a few warm-up reps and are shooting those triceps muscles, you're ready to put more strain on those muscles – and you have to do it. More than the bicep, the triceps needs this tension and strain to break down fibers and create tension. When you recover, your triceps will be prepared for the same types of heavy loads next time. This leads to strength gains in addition to an increased size of the upper arms.

Here are two classic options: tight-grip bench press or triceps dip. But technology is important for both! Before starting your repetitions on the tight-fitting bench, make sure your hands are shoulder width apart, so your wrists are not negatively affected. When it comes to dips, if your body weight does not have enough resistance, throw on chains, wear a diving belt with plates or hold a dumbbell between your ankles.

Tip # 3: Save Overhead Work for Later in Training [19659005] Variations in head over-the-head triceps extensions can severely affect not only the elbows but also the shoulders. Running them later in training allows you to get on with less weight and still be productive while protecting your shoulders. This applies to both dumbbells and dumbbells.

  Save overhead work for later training

Are you sure you want to get the most out of these moves? Perform the triceps extensions side by side. This forces each side to do their own work, and often opens up more room for movement with less shoulder strain than it does with both arms simultaneously. Get a good track on the ground, but do not force it. Push the dumbbell up in a controlled manner, and all three heads of the triceps will feel it at the last repetition. Your arms and shoulders will thank you.

Tip # 4: Finish Your Workout with a Body Weight Burning Set

When it comes to pumping blood into your muscles and ending a strong session, the basics are best. Diamond push-ups are a perfect choice as they put the emphasis on the tris and minimize the need for recruiting the chest.

Go to the failure of the pushups before stopping. You do not even have to count them. Just repeat! The goal is to get that triceps out. Once you've done it, get out of the gym and concentrate on rest for those arms to grow.

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