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4 reasons why you do not build muscle

When it comes to building muscle, many factors play a role. Let's take a look at what you do, what may be holding you back in the gym.

. 1 You do not exercise too much, you do not recover enough

Think about what strength training does to your body. When you lift weights, you're tearing down your muscles, so you're not building muscle just by lifting weights. You can only make a profit by helping your muscles recover from work in the gym.

There are many ways to recover. In my opinion, there are three major areas of recovery that everyone should support – not just to build muscle, but also if you want to improve your overall health.


What drives your body before and after Your workouts determine how well you train in the gym. If you eat like crap, you will feel like crap. When you eat foods that provide your body with sufficient levels of nutrients, your muscles will recover from the weights and grow fuller and stronger.


Mobility is not just for people doing yoga. Everyone can benefit from better mobility. Lifting weights and not paying attention to improving and maintaining your range of motion means you can be prepared for injury. If you consistently focus your routine on movement, your body will recover from training and improve overall in terms of strength, health, and muscle growth.

  4 Reasons Why You Can not Add Muscle


You can not cheat on your sleep. Period. Everyone has different schedules, but you should try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. If you go to the gym tired and sleepless, you will not perform as well as if you had slept a full night. Occasionally you can get away with eating unhealthy food and still get a decent workout, but if you train on a bad night, there is no amount of caffeine to help you. Lack of sleep increases the cortisol level, which leads to more body fat and less muscle. So, go to bed!

. 2 They focus on testing rather than building.

Leave your ego at the gym door because it keeps you from building muscle. Many people feel that they need to lift as much weight as possible. They want to test how strong they are today instead of working to build their strength. They put more weight on the pole than they can handle and miss many repetitions at the end and fail their sentence. Treating each training as a competition will lead you to a dead end. If you treat your training as building blocks that work together to achieve a greater goal, you will build muscle and become stronger.

To achieve this, you must consider the volume in your exercise plan. The volume is the total amount of weight you lift during exercise. This is a key factor in your progress and a great example of why pushing maximum weights does not always result in maximum weights.

Let's say you go to the gym and it's a day on the bench. You put 135 pounds on the bar and start your workout. In the first set, you complete 10 repetitions. The second set will give you 7 and the third set will manage 4 reps until someone has to pry the stake off your chest. You have successfully completed 21 reps, which corresponds to a total volume of 135 x 21 (2,835 pounds).

At first you did not warm up before you got to your work weight, and as a result you were not unwilling to do 3 sets of 10 with 135 pounds. In addition, you would have been better off if you had less weight on the pole. Let's say you do at least a few warm-up exercises and lower your work weight to 125 pounds. You complete the first set and receive 10 repetitions. You will receive 10 reps for your second and third sets, completing 30 reps with 125 pounds, a total of 3,750 pounds, without the warm-up rates. By putting less weight on the pole, you increase the weight by 915 pounds (3,750 – 2,935 = 915), which represents a huge volume difference.

  4 reasons why you do not add muscle

3. They emphasize isolation and machine exercises over composite elevators.

There is definitely a time and place for isolation exercises. Everyone loves to do pushups, curlers, and picks, and I'm no different. It is also true that a large part of the gym population is heavily focused on isolation movements while neglecting the elevators on the premises. If you want to build muscle, think of your workout as a three-course meal. Your aperitif is the warm-up, your main course is the compound exercises and the dessert is the isolation exercise.

Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises in which more than one muscle group is trained simultaneously. These include squats, presses, deadlifts, and pull-ups, to name but a few. Complex exercises not only build muscle but also make you stronger. The stronger you are, the more muscle fibers you can incorporate. The more muscle you put into a movement – whether it's a compound lift or an isolation motion – the more weight you can handle, and the more weight you can handle, the more your muscles will grow.

You can not add muscle without having a basic foundation for strength, and you will not get stronger when you make curls. You get stronger by putting your body in a position where it needs to absorb a maximum amount of muscle fibers to generate power to move an external load. If you focus only on isolation movements, just pump blood. If you focus on lifting with large, compound movements, you will activate more motor units, resulting in more power, more muscle, and more gains.

. 4 You do not have enough variety in your routine.

Exercise diversity is a key factor in building muscle. Do you remember when you started training and felt really sore the next day? Her muscles were not used to doing the new exercises and adapted to them. Whether you are an experienced trainer or a beginner, your muscles respond to new movements.

Teaching the best bodybuilder in the world in a ballet class can reassure you that he has muscles that he has never felt before, at least in the next few days. This is because his muscles have become accustomed to a certain way and have to be taken out of their comfort zone and work differently.

Nevertheless, if you follow the same routine, muscles get bored quickly. Try to do the same exercises, the same weight, and the same intensity. You can not remember when you last saw results. Add some new exercises. That does not mean that you do something completely random every other day. It means that you put new exercises into your program to challenge your muscles so they do not get bored.

  4 reasons why you do not add muscle

Another way to create variety For your workout, you need to use the same exercises, but change the order in which you perform them in your workout. If you always start the legged day with squats, try to perform hip throats or lunges first. If you always start the day of the breasts with bench presses, first try applying a slant to create a new stimulus in the muscles.

Key Points for Adding Muscles

Here are your shaking tips Boost your training and stimulate your progress:

  1. Allow your body to recover from the gym by providing adequate nutrition, exercise, and good night's sleep.
  2. Treat your workout like building blocks to a bigger goal and work with such weights You can lift for complete sets and repetitions.
  3. Concentrate on performing compound exercises and using isolation exercises to improve your core exercises.
  4. Let your muscles work in new ways and make your exercises more varied.

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