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4 biceps training mistakes to avoid

At the end of each armday, when you hear a small voice whispering in the back of your mind to repeat just another round of curls to pop that bicep, you're not alone.

Your arm muscles may not be as responsive to all the extra work you do – but the hope for biceps gains is not lost.

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With the Right Settings for Your Training If you plan and work something, you can add a considerable amount of weaponry that you could only dream of with an old, outdated routine. Start by correcting these four common mistakes, and you're on your way to a bigger, better bicep.

Do not Ignore the Brachialis

Your biceps is made up of two heads ̵

1; hence the "bi" in the name – the long head and the short head. But there's also an elbow flexor called Brachialis that you should not forget in your exercise plan if you want to pump up your biceps.

This begins with exercises with a hammer grip, but to truly isolate the brachialis, focus less on the weight being moved than on constant tension. This means relieving the weight relatively slowly, squeezing the muscles with each piece of repetition and not shutting off or "pausing" when the tension is off the muscle.

Try this unique spin of the conventional hammer ring as a way to isolate this muscle:

Put one knee on the seat (the opposite side of the arm that will curl up) and put your elbow on a firm position on the preacher bank. Lower the weight slowly until you reach full extension. Lure it back with the control.

This one-armed version of a classic exercise fixes your elbow in a fixed position and helps you achieve complete freedom of movement. The reps are harder than they look, and you should feel a great stretch in your biceps and forearms if you get them right.

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Do not neglect your grip strength

  Hand Selects weights from the rack in the gym

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Remember that your father held in your hand ? Maybe it's time for a comeback.

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Correspondingly In a recent study, grip strength is on the decline: researchers recently tested 237 men aged 20 to 34 years and over found that their handles were significantly weaker compared to those tested in 1985.

Grip's power is not just important for handshakes and heavy lifts. The measure is also linked to longevity, as a team of researchers from the University of Michigan found that people with lower grip levels die 50 percent more often than those who are stronger than a baseline test.

So, aside from how to train on gripping power when constantly dealing with deadlift and forearm diet? Try these steps to get started – or use one of these fat-grip add-ons for your curls to build your biceps.

Do not lift harder than you can handle

How many times do you guys see those lifting around 55-pound dumbbells for an ugly amount of whole-body curls? You have to be able to check your ego at the door. Do not pick up to impress someone who is not watching you anyway.

Lower the weight to something that you know you can effectively roll on, and really concentrate on the eccentric (lowering) part of the movement. Strive for three counts while lowering the weight for each repetition.

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Try these inclined dumbbell curls. Use an angled bench to increase the stretch on the arm long head of the biceps. The more horizontal the bank is, the more the long head of the biceps is stretched throughout the movement.

  • Without moving your elbows, bend the weight to your shoulders while holding a supinated handle (open palm).
  • Slowly lower the weight to the starting position, keeping the palm open, rinsing and repeating.

    Do not be boring

    If the bulk of your arm training involves a lazy set of alternating dumbbell curls at the end of the back training, it's time to increase the pace and get freaky.

    Try to change the angle, switch between supinated handles and hammer handles, and vary your rep range from one workout to the next.

      Resistance Band Hammer Curl

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    For an exercise, add a miniband to the conventional barbell curls. Loop the strap under both feet and hold it up with the palms of your hand like the GIF on top. Embrace the bar with the ribbon between your hands and the bar curl away.

    Bands allow resistance to be absorbed over the entire range of motion and adapt to your force curve. In other words, the bands are most resistant when you are strongest (ie the band is the longest in the longest barb curl and the most resistant when the tension is normally off), which is similar throughout the range of motion challenges.

    Next, try intensity techniques such as drop sets and partial repeats.

    For drop sets, repeat a target amount of iterations, and then drop and then another set, then repeat the cycle again.

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    For partial repeats, execute smaller, half repeats from multiple positions. The technique extends the time under tension and promotes muscle growth. These should still be done in a controlled manner, and certain exercises – Olympic lifts such as jerking and tearing – are not very suitable for them. Stop your repetitions to get started and watch the biceps swell.

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