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& # 39; The Punisher & # 39; Season 2 has a release date and a new trailer for the teaser

The wait is almost over.

Netflix released a teaser on Thursday for the much anticipated second season of The Punisher which will fall on January 18th.

When we last checked in at Frank Castle In the first season aired in November 2017, he had joined a group of veterans for the treatment of his post-traumatic stress disorder after he uncovered a massive conspiracy while he (violently) avenged the death of his family.

But the second season of the Marvel series seems to find Castle, played by Men's Health cover type Jon Bernthal, in a dark place as ever ̵

1; and probably for another one Clash with jigsaw that is nearby The top of the trailer reveals a new look that matches its internal state. "It's like a bomb would go off in my head and disperse all the pieces," he says in a teaser, removing bandages from his face.

The castle also seems to be scattered. "Every time I try to assemble the parts, something does not fit," he says.

We need to see exactly what awaits the troubled hero this time, but according to a survey of the season the last part of Castle takes "a quiet life on the road to". Suddenly he is tried in the Murder of a young girl involved. "

" As he gets attracted to the mystery surrounding her and those who seek the information she holds, Castle is taking on a new goal as new and old enemies are forcing him to confront whether or not to accept his fate should adopt a life as a punisher, "it says in the synopsis.

It is promised to be another intense season for the Vigilante, who says the teasers say, "You must let me be what I am supposed to be".

"I'm not the one who dies," he says. "I am the one who makes the killing."

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