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& # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; Gendry actor Joe Dempsie shares details on Season 8

Spectators on this side of the pond are catching Joe Dempsie. The Nottingham-born native had his big break as a fun-loving, pleasure-seeking teenager several years ago in the popular English comedy drama Skins . However, many Americans first saw Dempsie as a dingy-looking blacksmith named Gendry – then a peripheral character – on HBO's Game of Thrones .

But times have changed, and Dempsie has become a fixture in pop culture, including some very important memes. In April, he returns for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones in which Gendry has developed from a bastard blacksmith into a popular Iron Throne bidder. Later this year, in the second season of Deep State Dempsie will exchange his oversized hammer for a modest firearm. If you did not know Joe before, you should get to know him now.

Men's Health spoke with Dempsie about his wild last months, the evolution of his style and what to expect from Game of Thrones a massive final season.

MH: First of all, welcome back. We all cheered when Davos [in Flea Bottom] showed up and you turned your head. How was it to get that call back?

JD: Well, nothing about Game of Thrones is ever a matter of course. But when I left, showrunners David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] said, "Do not worry, we'll bring you back sometime; We just do not know exactly when. "Every year that has passed, I have really dealt with other things. I lowered my head and played different roles and trifles. It can almost be like that ̵

1; right? – Where you stop expecting something, it happens. [By the time I got the call] I had a long time to think about it and prepare myself. And I think the main thing is to get in shape, right? If you're playing somebody who might have rowed all the time. You'd better come back to them with some poor .

The Gendry Rowing Memes. Did you take shit from your friends?

I have to take some responsibility for it somehow. I saw the show like everyone else, as a fan. Every week there were tweets and questions about where Gendry was and what happened to him. And then at the end of the season I just tweeted: "still rowing". This species took on a life of its own and produced a whole subculture of memes that included a model of Gendry in the boat from the poster of Life of Pi with the tiger. It is never over. But it's a nice ego strike as an actor when you know that a character you play does not just disappear from people's memories.

Did the authors expect a physical preparation? During the first three seasons there are many sleeveless scenes (and this one scene without a shirt in Harenhall).

[Laughing] In Herenhall there is an incredibly senseless, shirtless scene. It was my first job, which required a kind of physical transformation. That's because at first I was not fit for the character. I was amazed that the role was offered to me, because the character description I had given before the audition stated that he was tall, muscular and with thick black hair. At the time, I was 5 & 8; 8 ", thin and had brown hair, so I said," Well, what's the point? "I will not understand this part, but they obviously saw something they felt like I could play it, so from that point it was:" Right, how did we shape you into the aesthetics we want? "

I knew I had to visit the gym before we even started anything in season [ed] And it was pretty good for me, because I already went to the gym anyway, I was trying to do it a bit more part of my routine But how many other people, until you really have a real one? If you know you're in front of millions of people, that's usually a pretty good idea too, is not it?



Originally, when they told me about it, they explained it by saying, "Basically he's forging a sword, but it's really hot – he's in the blazing heat – so he has it. I do not know if you're in the November already I was in Belfast, but there never was a fire in Belfast. Not to mention in November. So we arrived there and it all felt a bit stupid. The more general idea is that it's more about Aria than Gendry. Aria is entering an age when she notices something like that.

If you carry weapons or the blacksmith's hammer – are these fakes or do you actually lift heavy iron equipment?

When I came back, and on one of my first trips to Belfast, they said, "Okay, before you go, we should take you to the stunt department and show you the gun you will use this year." This is obviously one Moment for each actor, and you will be a bit dizzy and excited. I went around and saw a prototype of the hammer and thought that's pretty damn cool . And then the stunt guy said, "Right, so play a bit, swing a little bit. Well, this is just the prototype, so I'll tell you what to do: between now and at the beginning of the turning process, go to your local hardware store, get a sledgehammer, and spend your next few months in your garden or garden Garden is just a bit of practice – because if you have the right thing, it will be much harder. "So I did that. If anyone had seen me, they would have thought I was a certified psychopath swinging the sledgehammer in my yard.



The first day of shooting, when I wanted to use it As part of a battle sequence, they gave me a very foamy look. I thought, "Wait, I thought I should get bigger so I could wear the hammer?" And they said, "Oh, yes, we will not let you play a stun scene with a really heavy hammer, you will kill a stuntman! Oh, by the way, you have to make it look heavy." Now I'm stronger than me [194559004] tried to make a foam hammer look heavy.

You filmed in Belfast a couple of months ago Tell me about the day you finally read the last script

In the run-up to the eight-shoot There were a few dates in the diary where we would do a Belfast reading, and as these readings approached (and you yourself normally read [the script] yourself before you got there), we still had not received anything, and everyone was waiting and then I remember the day they fell into all our mailboxes, WhatsApp had that hustle and bustle, with people essentially hurrying home to read to start things and say to everyone else, "Okay, they're here; I will start reading tomorrow. Do not talk about what they are reading. Do not spoil it! "None of us wanted spoilers, even if we read and read the flippin thing. And when we did the reading, there were a few cast members – Kit [John Snow] and Liam Cunningham [Sir Davos] – who showed that they had not read anything. They wanted to see the story in real time while we all read it. It was a pretty emotional atmosphere. I remember John Bradley [Samwell Tarly] who said it was strange because it feels like the last day of school. But it is not; It's the first day of school – we have not started filming yet!

I know you can not tell us any details of the plot, but what was the reaction when you read all [the script]? Are you all in the same WhatsApp group – you, Emilia, Kit and all?

Yes, there is a big old WhatsApp group that we all talk to. I think reading these recent scripts has made everyone really aware that we should enjoy this time that we still have it. And the fact that David and Dan did such a good job – that's bittersweet. Joy and, I think, relief that they have managed to finish this show so fantastically. This is a frightening prospect for everyone … I think if the show ended like many people predicted online, it could be a bit of an anticlimax.

  DEEP STATE S2: First Look "title =" DEEP STATE S2: First Look "class =" Lazyimage Lazyoad "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com /images/firstlook-deepstate-2-291-1551371957.jpg?crop=1xw:1xh;center,top&resize=480:*"/>[19659025(DempsieinStaffel2by"DeepState"Premiereinthisspring</figcaption><p>
			<span class= Sife Elamine / Fox Networks Group [19659027] Can you give us an adjective

I think that "Bittersweet" is really really fitting and really applicable, and I believe that it could not have ended any other way than Bittersweet. David and Dan have long ago realized that you can not please everyone, I do not think they have ever tried to please everyone, there may be people who are not too enthusiastic in the end, but I really think that So it is one that will pass the test of time, and I think even those who do not necessarily appreciate it If they see it, I think TV history will really judge it.

What were some of the theories or en-dings that circulated between the performers?

We do not spend much time discussing possible theories. I just wanted answers to my character. I was curious what we could find out about Gendry's lineage. Of course we know that he was the bastard of Robert Baratheon, but who could have been his author?

There's a line in the first season, and it's a first scene you'll ever see of Gendry looking at Ned and being asked about his mother, and he says he does not care about her at all Remember, except that she had yellow hair and she would sing with him. It's one of those things that you go to: "Do they usually write lines that mean nothing, or lines that seem to have meaning that never touched [are] again?" I was kind of fascinated by what that might mean , and what effect this could have on Gendry's clout.

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			<span class= HELEN SLOAN / HBO

Find out that some of your crew members are very similar to their characters or that they have changed over the years and developed some of the same tendencies

I think with so many characters, actors inevitably bring in elements of themselves – and it's just an ingenious casting by Nina Gold – there are some actors who share the eccentricities of their characters, like Kristofer Hivju, the Tormund He's [1945900] 3] pretty much Tormud, like without the blood lust … I mean, who knows, maybe with the bloodlust .Yes, he's pretty crazy.

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			<span class= JOHN B ALSOM

Let's talk about Gendry's style. How would you describe his looks?

How would you describe his looks? It's a porn smith. A lot of leather. A lot of baby oil. He is now hired for the crew. He varies this topic. It is quite rare that you make a scene in which he is not completely dingy and sweaty is understandable given his vocation.

Do the costumes influence your personal decisions?

I have not finished myself with the leather finish yet. I think the costumes are so spectacular. The actors could be a lot worse than integrating some of them. I have not even graduated in leather aprons, I'm still pretty much in fashion.

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			<span class= HBO

How would you describe your own style?

Pretty simple, pretty clean, I do not like too many bright colors or certain logos. I just like beautiful knitwear, I live in London, so heat has to be a factor, Wolverine boots and black jeans are pretty much my base, clothes used to be my vice, that's what I would spend a lot of money on And probably horrible, horrible garments, as I got older my taste became simpler, I think I'm less interested in that, I'm less ashamed to look at the trend, and a few years ago I would have gone the extra mile .

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<div class=
Dempsie (right) at the British cult phenomenon" Skins "(2007)

Warner Home Video

Well, since Game of Thrones too Ending, what was your most memorable moment on the set?

Much of what we did in Season 8 – It's unbelievable how big the scale is, and one wonders, "I do not know if I'll ever get back to it work on this level. "And even the fact that you can turn to one of your colleagues in between, look at each other and say, without exaggeration or irony:" TV story, man; we're in, we'll do it. "

The shooting for" Beyond the Wall "from Season 7, in which this colorful crew was given bad advice It was an incredible experience to catch a white hiker It was January, so the nights were long, the days short, we were in the wild, filming on glaciers and mountains, this group of actors had all their little eccentricities and idiosyncrasies. Everywhere looked like a postcard but we made TV.

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Dempsie (far right) alongside Game of Thrones co-star kit Harrington, Iain Glen and Kristofer Hivju. From "Beyond the Wall"


The eighth and final season of Emmy®-winning HBO original series GAME OF THRONES is shown Sunday, April 14, about HBO.

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