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30 best gifts for men under $ 50

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The Difficult Way to Shop for a Man Trying It To get something that he actually needs, the great thing about shopping for is him: you do not have to spend too much to make him a big, meaningful gift. There are so many options, but whether you are shopping for your boyfriend, husband, father, brother or son, these 30 gifts are sure to be a hit for the man in your life. Best of all, they are all under $ 50. He will never know the difference.

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MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker

The MorePro Fitness Tracker keeps track of its daily movements, running and strength training activities, distance and calories burned. It's also waterproof, so he never has to worry about washing or swimming his hands.

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Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote

It does not matter if it's an outdoor concert, a picnic or lying outdoors – this practical blanket is easy to fold and pack it with a carrying handle so that it can be taken anywhere. Can also be used as a car cover.

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Baseball Leather Wallet

This purse is made of genuine baseball leather and breaks like a game-used ball and sees, feels and smells, too a. A great conversation and the perfect gift for baseball players, coaches and fans of all ages.

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10 Piece 100% Silk Ties

Why only give him a tie if he can have 10? He has many styles and colors to choose from, whether he has to dress up for work every day or just want to have a beautiful collection for those occasions.

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The art of shaving after shaving balm

If he still uses this sharp after-shave spray that stings his skin, will he really sting, be grateful that you gave him this nonalcoholic, soothing balm instead.

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Portable hammock with tree straps

If you want to backpack or travel, this premium hammock comes in Play practically whenever he needs to breathe and relax. Can also be hung in the backyard for the breezy, warm days.

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Black ceramic pizza stone and cutter wheel

Which guy does not love pizza? Homemade pizza sometimes tastes even better, but you need the right tools. With this pizza stone and the cutter wheel, he will feel like a cook and be ready to dig in it.

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Gaming Keyboard with LED Backlight Keys

This is not your typical, everyday keyboard. Dynamic three-zone backlighting with more than 10 pre-configured, vibrant lighting modes allows you to choose between intense lighting effects.

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Noise Isolating Headphones and Microphone and Volume Control [19659008] The P841 headset comes with an omnidirectional in-line microphone that is ideal for making phone calls with one Phone or computer is suitable. He can also plug these into his game console for Xbox or Playstation and start playing alone or with friends.

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ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table

This lightweight table is quick and easy to set up, can accommodate all your drinks while still providing space for games. He simply straps the straps in at each corner and adjusts them to allow his preferred tautness.

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Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask's TempShield insulation keeps its drink ice cold or hot from head to toe to the summit and with every step in between. It will help him to stay cool and hydrated all day, wherever he goes.

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LED Work Light with Magnetic Stand

This portable and lightweight spot light can be placed on the ground with the stand or for all its lighting needs while camping , Fishing, construction and to be hung on site.

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13 of 30 [19659007] Garden Tool Set

If your husband has a green thumb, he will really enjoy this set of garden tools that contains everything he needs needs, including small blades, knives and rakes.

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Men's Fleece Robe Hooded

Nothing says luxury like a robe, and this one feels super soft and feels like in a five star hotel. Luckily, the price is hard to beat.

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Insulated Cooler Backpack

Whether he has a keen interest in road / beach rides, picnics or daily hiking is the TOURIT backpack cooler his best partner for all kinds of outdoor activities. Keeps snacks and drinks at a temperature below 15 ° C for 16 hours.

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Cocktailbar set

Hey Me have everything he needs to mix the perfect drink. Includes ice tongs, double jigger with handle, strainer and a bar key / bottle opener with shelf.

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iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Vehicle Mount [19659008] This charging dock combines the power of the Qi wireless charging system with the agility of the Easy One Touch mounting system. With the telescopic arm, you can find the perfect viewing position for your smartphone either on the dashboard or on the windshield.

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Walnut Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth The speaker is small, but has a great volume with a crisp sound and a powerful, deep bass. Works with all generations with iPods, iPhones and iPads. It can also play music for up to 6 hours, so it can be easily taken from the beach to a barbecue party.

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Legendary Whitetails Flannel – Brick Plaid Shirt

This flannel shirt has over 2,000 ratings on Amazon with a rating of nearly 5 stars. It comes in a variety of plaids, feels super soft and is especially pleasant to move.

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Cast Iron Combo Cooker

Know a guy who is a nonsense in the kitchen? This combi-cooker does it all: a deep frying pan, a fryer, a Dutch oven in one and a lid that also serves as a flat frying pan or pan.

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Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

With their unique sound technology, this electric toothbrush plaques up to 7x put away more than a manual one. The built-in pressure sensor also lets you know when you brush too hard to protect your teeth and gums.

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Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Stand

Charge your compatible Galaxy smartphones and other Qi-compatible devices without putting your device to a charger or connect a USB port.

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Convertible Laptop Messenger Bag

Guys can carry this bag in three ways: backpack, messenger or shoulder bag. It's the ultimate, versatile accessory that's big enough to fit a 17.3-inch laptop, but light enough to take anywhere.

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RockDove Memory Foam Slipper

These lightweight slippers with breathable, open backs let your feet slide to the right. A muted insole made of memory foam adapts to the foot contours and ensures soft comfort. The soft terry lining keeps your toes warm in winter. 19659013] Advertisement – Continue Reading Below

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Jack Black Beard Lube

This is the only product that every guy needs to get the perfect shave every time. It is a pre-shave oil, a shaving cream and a conditioner for the skin.

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Scarface Deluxe Gift Set

This not only comes in a beautiful gift box that can be proudly presented but Scarface Fans can keep both the 1983 and 1932 versions of the DVDs as souvenirs.

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DADAWEN Men's Waterproof Work Boots

Every man needs waterproof outdoor boots and this Dadawen range is perfect for the timeless work boot look. (And also very affordable.)

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American flagpole

Annin Flagmakers

Leave him the land of his country show pride in this easy-to-install American flag set, which can be hung inside and out.

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Wooden Men's Bamboo Watch

This wooden bamboo watch is a great alternative for the man who already owns metal / sports watches. It is packed in a premium gift box, making it the perfect gift for your brother, father, son or a male relative.

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Gritty Throw Pillow Nugget

The favorite mascot of Philadelphia is wearing this soft, fuzzy cushion that is instantly recognizable and a fun conversation starter, decorated at home.

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