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3 tips on how to hammer your thigh muscles

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It's time to make some bacon from these strips of bacon that you have on the back of your legs. Yes, the things that you would like to call thigh muscles, but they do not seem to be able to grow, are the chances that you will suffer from the same sufferings as most who have struggled with their ham I do not know how to activate them. You're probably a close up Squat squat, pretty good at leg stretching, and enjoy hacking some good hacks. Is it you? Well, if you do not, and still are, if you have a problem with your thigh muscles, it's probably because you never trained your legs.

Leg training requires dedication and discipline. Physiologically, the thigh muscles are not suitable for isolation movements, as all three muscles in the legs cross two joints and play a role in knee flexion and hip extension, which sounds good, but often you want more because they are never completely isolated. Depending on how you perform your other legwork, your quads will receive three or four times the work your hammy receives and continue to grow, making your ham look even smaller.

Luckily, there is a solution. First, put your thigh muscles at the beginning of your leg routine. Second, hit your quads hard, but with much less volume. Third, change your shape for squats, press-ups, and any multi-joint motion on your hips and knees so that you activate your hammy. And last but not least, a real squat goes far below the parallel, and parallel is defined as the highest part of your quad which is parallel to the ground, not your upper buttocks parallel to a safety-racked armpit ̵

1; c Well, it is time to squat.

Below are three major thigh muscle exercises that will challenge you for not trying these methods years ago.

. 1 The Squat: Hamstring Style

Take a shoulder-wide stance. Double that distance and kick halfway out, and now you're in the squat start position. Show your toes. Lighten the load and go down until you can crush a soda can with your ass. Press hard and pull your hips up, and now tell me where you felt it. Understood, well, do it now for any type of squat-based exercise, and you'll be on your way to a real roast pork on the back of your legs.

. 2 Summo Deadlift for Monster Hamstrings

Approach a deadlift bar with as much posture as possible. Crap, if your toes can come one inch off the plates, do it. Grab the pole like a deadlift and pull the butt down so that your legs are parallel to the ground. Extend your arms and raise your head and chest. When you start the movement, initiate it simultaneously with the hips and knees. Do you feel this strain in the hind legs? You know, you've just fueled the bacon. Express 8 reps for 4 or 5 sets and get ready to see some bulge on the back of your legs.

. 3 Leg Curl: For activation of the hamstring

Ok, so you have done thousands of thigh curls, but how many have you done with your toes in, out, and behind? Most often, when performing hamstring curls, pull your toes (bring your toes to your shins). This lengthens the calf and causes it to act as a squat, reducing the work of your thigh muscles. Point your toes as if you were bending your calves, then pull through and feel the difference. Oh, you have to reduce the load considerably, but your Hamys smoke after only a few repetitions. Take this movement a step further and point your toes in and out for a few phrases, and then outward for a few phrases, and you'll activate all three heads of your thigh muscles in such a way that it will be hard for you to stand up the next day.

Make em Grow

So you decided to take it seriously. Perform this routine twice a week, twice a week for 6 to 8 weeks before having your leg workout, and then have the thigh muscles speak again. Then do squats, leg presses, leg extensions, and calf raises. Be sure to reduce the strain on the remaining legs as your ham is on fire and your buttock muscles are not far behind. Be a beast in the gym and attack your hams as if you were attacking your chest and arms, and they will grow. Man Up for some ham and build a series of legendary legs.

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