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3 Soothing cool-down ideas that you can do after training

You've done your warm-up crushed your training – and now you can jump to the next point on your long to-do list. We hear you. Before doing so, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and stretch your muscles by cooling down.

Here's the thing, Stretching in general is currently a hotly debated topic. Currently, experts believe that stretching can be beneficial, stretching is not likely to be the worst. So if you're running late and do not have five minutes to cool off, this is probably fine. Still, we still think it's a great idea. With cool downs, your heart rate drops to normal, your breathing slows down, and sometimes stretching just feels good. Plus, the benefits are more than physical: when you cool down, you can mentally return to your life faster. After a sweaty workout, this can be reset very well.

Below we have summarized some of our favorite cool options, some of which are due to past challenges. None of them is longer than five minutes and requires no equipment. You can choose one of the following options or create your own favorite routes. The idea is to take only a few moments to reward your body for being trained through another workout.

Even if you do not want to commit to stretching after each workout, start to cool down after strength training or try to stretch on your days off. This helps to calm your tired muscles (and can give you an energy boost when you need it). Here are some of our favorite important routes that you can incorporate into your daily life, regardless of whether you have previously completed training or not.

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