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3 simple ways to be nicer to yourself

  • I'm disorganized and will hold myself back forever
  • Remember when you lost that pearl earring too? You can not rely on anything.
  • My clients have to think I'm an idiot - really no charge for my laptop?
  • I'm shit.
  • Will I fail in life ?! [1
    9659010] As someone who is very much aware of his soliloquy, this flare-up of negative thoughts came as a shock and made me terrible. And why should not it be like this? These comments are very hard. After wiping a few hours later, I had to pull myself together. So I thought, What would I say to a friend who would have done that if it was their morning instead?

    I would probably laugh. I would say, "Hey, that does not happen," then tell her to get along quickly, because in life you can not avoid annoying fees, umbrellas are replaceable and their customers found her with or without a very impressive slide show.

    It is no secret that we do ourselves harder than someone else. But we do not have to - or at least not to the extent that we are a few days. And if you can only reduce this constant criticism, your self-confidence can change in a moment.

    In your next moment, try self-judgment:

    1. Replace with another person.

    The next time you make a mistake, imagine a person you love, rather than this mistake - your mother, your best friend, your spouse. How would you react to your story? What would you say exactly? How would you comfort or even make her laugh? I bet your words are 99 percent friendlier than the words you would use with yourself. Can you use the same gentle, wise and even humorous language in front of a mirror?

    Well ... does not that feel better?

    . 2 Speed ​​review of the last 12 months.

    In the heat of a problem, we do not see each other clearly. Our ego takes the lead, and for a while we have no idea who really is: competent, whole, resourceful people. If you've calmed down a bit, you can think, center yourself and ask yourself these questions:

    How far have I come this year? What do I know now that I was not last December? What good stuff is going on right now for me?

    It's more than you probably remember - promised.

    . 3 Stop overestimating how many people think about you.

    The effect of "headlights" refers to the tendency to believe that more people notice you than they do. This means that everything you do (good or bad) is far more meaningful to you than anyone else. Think about it - do you keep reading this impressive email that you wrote? Or relive a funny joke that you made at the right moment? And the same goes for the opposite ... you kept thinking about whether you did not want to, that you did not want to, or the social gaffes that ruined the office holiday celebration for you?

    The thing you did wrong is often more important to you than anyone else - because everyone else is doing the same thing as you: emphasizing yourself. This can bring you enormous comfort! Chill - you do not even think about you anyway.

    When the year comes to an end, if you can relieve yourself, you will see a significant change in the way life reacts to you. It's hard to shake or derail a complacent person. As the old saying goes, you owe yourself the love you give others so freely. Try to throw something ... and see what happens.

    Susie Moore is a columnist for Greatist's Life Coach and Trust Coach in New York City. Sign up for free wellness tips on their website and visit the latest "No Regrets" section every Tuesday.

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