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3 reasons to feel good when life explodes in your face

  No remorse with Susie Moore <! – "Wrinkles mean you laughed. Gray hair means that you took care of it. Scars mean that you have lived your life. "- Anonymous

Many people come to me to open up about their lives, and sooner or later they divide the things that have caused them pain. A divorce. Something someone said cut deeply. A failed business. An investment that did not pay off, or a relationship that did not work out.

This is what I sometimes refer to as an invisible scar – something you can not see, but that has left a mark on someone. It is impossible not to have some of them, because if you were a few years older, you had some difficulties. No one comes through life without suffering.

My work is to really redefine the few scars that only we see. And not the physical scars we get from sports, accidents or cooking (!) … but the invisible scars that we hold nearby and feel like a mistake.

Learn how to rethink the damage you feel in depth, a more compassionate, objective path.

. 1 You tried something – hell, you were brave!

The only way to live scar-free is to lie down on a cotton ball bed until you die. Screw that! What do your scars show you?

That you took a chance! What was it? Living in a new city? Working in a new industry? To believe that a marriage would work? It's better to be in the arena – to actually live life – as "safe" on the sidelines. You do not regret your life by doing nothing. You live without regret by taking risks.

The fact that you have done something that has led to a wound means that you can control the optimism about fear. You had the courage to dance with the unknown. All parents, entrepreneurs and people who welcome progress and change understand courage. And that deserves recognition, not criticism. Note that people who do not risk anything also like to express opinions. Leave them … they can stay on the sidelines!

. 2 You survived. Let yourself be strong.

When you think about or talk about your scars, it means one thing: you're still alive! And what can this inspire you when you enter a new year? Even if you have 9,793 scars, they did not kill you, right?

When you sit and meditate on what you have overcome, this can be the ultimate confidence, if you let it. When you check off ten things you've survived (even in the past 12 months) on a sheet of paper, you'll be reminded who the hell you are. It can also remind you that you have a history with the universe. And that you are supported. This can lead to greater peace and strength.

Bonus Promotion: Enjoy your wounds and the experience you have experienced. That makes her completely powerless! How to be fired ??? Is that all you have ?! or The tears over this ex loser? What?! That was no big deal!

Who said that scar tissue can not be fun?

. 3 You know better.

Scars remind us of what we learned the hard way. Once burned, you know how to handle the next fire that comes your way and you will rarely repeat the same mistakes.

Scars also show you how you are present by appreciating them where you are right now you can even use them to help others bear the pain you endured because you came out the other end. Sometimes we need living, breathing survivors to show us the way.

So do not be ashamed of yourself. They have made you to you . And remember, a light life does not make anyone strong, interesting or wise.

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