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3 Moves to a brick-thick back

A full and strong back is not only wide, but also thick and has details that embody strength and muscle. Each of the following exercises builds mass in your back to give you the strength and strength that corresponds to your width.

Building mass is about making your muscles work harder. Therefore, use the necessary support, including belt and belt straps. This workout should take only 30 to 40 minutes, with a break of 90 seconds between each set.

Add this workout to your back training or do it alone.


2 sentences, 12, 10, 10 repetitions

3 sentences, 6-8 repetitions



Seated cable lines

Note: Use a Rope

3-4 sets, 12 reps

Technique Tips

Yates Barbell Row

If it's good enough to give him the title of Mr. Olympia for six years earning in a row (1992-1997) it makes sense that this exercise bears his name. Dorian Yates improved the row of dumbbells with an underhand grip and did not lean his torso forward as much as other dumbbells. The result was such a broad back that Yates was nicknamed "The Shadow".

Although this is a power movement, you should not make the mistake of becoming extremely heavy and sacrificing. Keep your shoulders drawn in and force your middle back to do the lion's share of the job. Tighten the rod firmly and squeeze your lats together before lowering them. If you can not control the weight on the pole, go lighter.

Since you're using an underhand grip, your biceps will be more affected than an overhand grip, but the back will still do most of the work. But focus on your middle back, and you'll find that you can get a stronger contraction than would be the case with an overhand grip.

Two-arm weight bench series

The only drawback of the one-arm dumbbell row is that if you approach failure, it is tempting to pull the larger weight dumbbell. If you use the incline bench and lie on your chest, this temptation is gone. By eliminating the impulse, you get a better contraction of the lats. In addition, lower back support and support helps to better insulate the upper back.

  Dumbbell Bench Row

Do not try to speed up the repetitions – you just have to train your shoulders and elbows. Slow, controlled movements make your back harder and create more growth opportunities.

Seated row with rope

When making rows with the rope attachment, you can separate the ends so that you can pull closer to your body and make a movement stronger contraction.

Here is a phrase to add to this exercise: Perform 5 seconds negatives with each repetition. This helps you to further reduce your muscles and makes it an excellent finisher for this workout.

There you have it! The perfect workout with three exercises to build up your size and strength and give your back the necessary mass.

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