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3-Move Bodyweight Leg Day that smashes calories and builds muscle

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This body weight leg day is not a walk in this park. A clever combination of controlled body weight movements, explosive plyometry and all sprints build strong, functional muscles and burn calories at the same time.

Use a soccer field – or your garden if you insulate – if you can't or can't I don't want to mark anything. Your goal is to complete ten rounds of the dynamic cycle as quickly as possible.

"It's about knowing when to take your time and focus on the muscle being trained and when to put your foot and push it," said Andrew Tracey, fitness editor at Men & # 39; s Health UK. "Use the lunges as an opportunity to regain your wind and keep control of your breathing during the jump squat. You can open the throttle in the sprints."

After the first four or five laps, your legs feel like jelly But keep up the pace during the sprints, otherwise you will be here all day.

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Walking Lunge

100 m

Stand With the core taut, a) step forward and sink into a deep lunge, with your back knee lightly touching the ground. (B) If you explode forward into a standing position, then immediately step forward with your opposite leg and repeat the lunge on the opposite side, repeat for 100 m.


jump squats

20 reps

Set both hands behind your head and stand up. (A) Push your hips back and get into a squat under control. Then stop. (B) Explode back into the air and jump as high as you can before landing with soft knees. Repeat this.


Max Sprint [19659011] 100 m

100 m are short. Therefore, keep a strong, steady pace and raise your knees (A) and ride your arms (B). After 100 m you return directly to the lunges.


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