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25% off everything at the TRX 4th of July Sale

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TRX is a training system like no other. With the TRX Suspension Training System, you use your own body weight as resistance – meaning you can exercise anytime, anywhere without any restrictions. Whether you're at home, at the gym, or even on the beach or in a dog park, TRX lets you work your way into the world's most simple yet advanced strength training system. And at the TRX sale on July 4, you can save 25 percent on all at TRX, including the company's Home2 Personal Suspension Training System.

But it gets better. TRX Training always offers discounts when you buy one of its special packages. These include not only the Personal Suspension trainers, but also other health and fitness products that complement your workout. Depending on which bundle you buy, you will receive resistance bands, smash balls, shaker bottles and more. It's all you need for core, cardio, strength or mobility training.

If you purchase all the equipment separately in the most popular TRX bundle, the Infinity Gym, you will pay $ 700. The bundle is already discounted. Add the 25% savings on the July 4th sale and the price of the Infinity Gym drops a staggering 46%! For just $ 375, you'll receive $ 700 in fitness equipment, all packaged in a cool travel bag.

Put simply, you can not afford to miss this offer. Prices like these we will see again during the holidays.

  Infinity Gym

TRX Infinity Gym

The $ 375 Infinity Gym (US $ 700) features seven different exercise machines that offer countless opportunities to blast through training , It combines the best-selling TRX Pro4 system with the core-strengthening Rip Trainer, a 10-pound slam ball, two variable-resistance bands, a set of four exercise bands, a Buddy Lee skipping rope and even a TRX water bottle.

You'll also receive a one-year subscription to the TRX app with hundreds of different workouts and coaches to see the results you're looking for. Choose from workouts that are tailored to your goals and lifestyle. You can even plan your workouts and track your progress. Of course, it will sync with your fitness tracking device. And while you're at it, give the TRX Protection Plan a five-year limited warranty on the Pro4 and Rip Trainer.

  TRX Home2 Traction Trainer

TRX Home2 Traction Trainer

If you are not interested in all these extra features, there's nothing wrong with starting small. TRX Home2 (US $ 150, US $ 200) is a great introduction to TRX. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or trying to take your workout to the next level, Home2 is the system you need to reach your fitness goals. And that in just 15 minutes a day.

With reinforced webbing, soft grips for more comfort, adjustable footrests and a free one-year subscription to the TRX app, Home2 allows you to personalize your workout at home, at work, on vacation, or outdoors to burn fat to blow up and build muscle.

Stabilizing your body weight with TRX Suspension Training constantly challenges your core, while at the same time stressing a variety of muscle groups, including your heart. There are no weights or machines, but you do hundreds of exercises that build, burn, tone and strengthen. And you can do it wherever you can attach the TRX hanging trainer to a door, to a ceiling beam or even to a branch. Wherever the TRX can be connected, you can train. Planet Earth is now your gym. The only limit is your imagination.

Do not be fooled – Buy directly.

You may be able to find TRX equipment online elsewhere, but then you will only get half of the TRX system. When you shop directly at TRX, you benefit from numerous exclusive benefits. In addition to the amazing TRX app, you get 24-hour access to a personal TRX concierge – a real, living human who can answer questions about products, workouts, setup, or use training train today. You have nothing to lose except the stomach.

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