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23 high protein breakfasts ready in 5 minutes or less

If there's a meal of the day that needs to be really fast, is the breakfast . While 15 or 20 minutes seem relatively quick for a dinner recipe, most people do not have that much time on most mornings.

That does not mean you have to limit yourself to cereal, granola bars and coffee shops. even though. With just five minutes to spare, you'll have time to prepare a breakfast that's nutritious and contains enough protein to keep you moving all morning.

If you really do not hungry When you wake up, you do not have to force breakfast. However, if you are someone ready to crave at first glance, these 23 recipes will require minimal kitchen time for maximum benefit. Each contains at least 15 grams protein recommended by registered dieticians at each meal (especially at the beginning of your day).

Instead of spending your hard earned money when you take something along the way or skipping breakfast together (if you do not want that), try one of these breakfasts to start your day with a healthier, home-made Touch to start. If you make yourself a meal, you may feel like a big deal before eight in the morning. am I right ?

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