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22 recipes that will keep you fed until dinner

We all know 3pm. Slump far too good. Lunch was a quick slice of pizza because we were too busy preparing a salad. Now we're starving again and eating everything that is within reach. Hello, cupcakes in the office kitchen.

What was missing from this pizza lunch was our (other) favorite F-word: fiber. They know that things found naturally in fruits and vegetables keep you regular and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Slavin J. (2013). Dietary fiber and prebiotics: mechanisms and health benefits. DOI: 10.3390 / nu5041417

If the expression "fiber-filled" evokes images of boring old grain, do not be afraid. You will actually be thrilled to bring your lunch to work knowing that fiber-filled food can be so damn fantastic.

. Honey mustard salmon with shaved Brussels sprouts salad

Dietary fiber per serving : 5 grams

This recipe is a fun way to improve your routine with packaged salads. The Brussels sprouts are a filling, high-fiber alternative to salads, while the grilled salmon must be served at room temperature so that it is perfect for work.

2. 5-minute lentil tomato salad

Dietary fiber per serving : 9 grams

Don't you hate meals that take longer to prepare than they do? This is not one of them. It takes every 5 minutes to throw canned lentils, plump cherry tomatoes and chives in a bowl.

Just keep it simple with just salt and vinegar or take an additional 30 seconds to throw in some chopped basil and garlic for even more flavor.

3. Charred kale farro salad with salmon

fiber per serving : 9 grams

With more fiber per serving than brown rice, farro is a must in the pantry. This recipe requires you to soak it overnight before cooking, but it's worth it.

Stack it on a bed of kale, cover it with salmon as protein and sprinkle it with sesame seeds for a lunch that throws the "salad = rabbit food" stereotype out of the window.

4. Spiced raisin and pine nut salad

Dietary fiber per serving : 17 grams

This salad-free salad is less busy in various ways: from the less common barley base to the funky curry combination of powder, cinnamon and turmeric to lighten everything.

In your hurry to get out the door, don't skimp on the spices – they're super easy to find and make the difference.

5. Healthy Chicken and Chickpea Salad

Dietary fiber per serving : 9 grams

This recipe is all about exciting textures and flavors. Tidy up your standard chicken salad by throwing in some chickpeas for extra protein, natural sweetness from corn, and a hearty bite of goat cheese.

6. Marinated tempeh salad

dietary fiber per serving : 17 grams

Between tempeh, sweet potato and vegetables there is enough dietary fiber for about half of the daily recommendation! Not too shabby for just one meal.

But when it comes to taste, it's really all about the creamy Tahini marinade. Let your tempeh soak in it as long as possible before grilling it for maximum flavor.

7. Zucchini noodle caprese salad

Dietary fiber per serving : 10 grams

Chickpeas give the combination of tomatoes and mozzarella more momentum to get a high-fiber meal with a little more protein. And with the zoodles at the base, it's basically like eating a large bowl of pasta.

8. Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwiches with Black Beans

Dietary fiber per serving : 6 grams

You forgot to pack lunch the night before but really don't want to take it away? Was already there.

Here is something you can contract 5 minutes before you go to work without sacrificing nutrition or taste. Pack your bread or crackers separately so you can easily assemble them in the office kitchen.

9. Turkey tortilla wrap with avocado cream

Dietary fiber per serving : 11 grams

These wraps are made healthier by replacing an avocado-Greek yoghurt spread instead of normal mayo. And the easy filling with tomatoes, lettuce and turkey can bring you back to school. Ah, times so simple …

10. Fried sandwich with red pepper, carrots and hummus

Dietary fiber per serving : 8 grams

Even something simple like changing from whole grain bread to whole grain baguette can make your typical sandwich much more exciting. Slather with a hummus with sriracha spices, stack up your favorite vegetables and dig in.

11. Chickpea Salad Wraps

Dietary fiber per serving : 11 grams

For a lighter carbohydrate meal in a sandwich-like package, using cabbage vegetables or lettuce leaves instead of bread or wraps is a good option. Here they are the envelopes for a chickpea mix that is filled with fiber so that you are full without the grains.

12. Grilled vegetable packaging with hummus

Dietary fiber per serving : 16 grams

The grilled vegetable packaging is a staple food at lunchtime, but many restaurant versions contain much more oil and much larger tortillas than necessary.

This uses only a hint of olive oil, hummus for added flavor and whole wheat tortillas for a lunch that is gentle on fat and carbohydrates but still contains a lot of fiber in every serving.

13. Mediterranean grilled chicken packaging

Dietary fiber per serving : 7 grams

Straightforward, simple and satisfactory: This Mediterranean recipe is the perfect no-nonsense lunch on weekdays, covering all nutrient bases in a clean package. While this blogger is calling for roasted garlic hummus, feel free to use your favorite variety.

14. Sandwiches with green goddesses

Dietary fiber per serving : 25 grams

We can't think of a better name for this recipe – after all, four of the seven main ingredients are green. With avocado, cucumber and sprouts between thick slices of multigrain bread, this is an unforgettable vegetarian sandwich.

15. Turkey, apple and brie sandwich with cider mayo

Dietary fiber per serving : 5 grams

Crunchy apples, soft brie, sliced ​​meat and crispy French bread – that's pretty much a cheese plate in sandwich form. Wrap up a good handful of arugula to get a little more fiber, and you'll have lunch that will tempt you before noon.

16. Black Beans and Cauliflower Rice

Dietary fiber per serving : 15 grams

Have a cauliflower head travel a long way by pulsing it into a base for this grain-free intake of beans and rice. With a little roast, some Mexican spices and chopped vegetables, it will be difficult to tell the difference between this and the restaurant version.

17th The best avocado noodles

fiber per serving : 11 grams

Heat these noodles in the office microwave if you like, but rest assured that they're really deliciously cold. The creamy avocado sauce is plentiful, but thanks to a lot of spicy lemon juice, the meal doesn't feel overly heavy.

Pro-Tip : Make it vegan by leaving out the parmesan.

18th Greek Quinoa Bowls

Dietary fiber per serving : 9 grams

Exchange the lettuce for high-protein quinoa in this simple, perfect bowl for Tupperware. Ready in less than 15 minutes and tasting even better when it is time to sit, this is the ideal meal you can prepare in advance.

19th Baked sweet potato tacos

fiber per serving : 11 grams

The sweet potatoes in this recipe do without the crunchy skin and are a vehicle with higher fiber for the spiced black bean mixture.

These unconventional tacos run the risk of falling into your lunch box a bit, but what is a little mess with a meal that tastes so good and takes little time to prepare? Bring a fork and you're good to go.

20. 5-ingredient sweet potato chilli with black beans

Dietary fiber per serving : 9 grams

Make a large amount of this chilli over the weekend so that your lunch is child's play throughout the week.

In-store salsa is a healthy shortcut that does most of the work, while pantry spices, sweet potatoes, and black beans add tons of fresh taste and nutrients to make them a substantial meal.

21. Whole-grain pasta with fresh tomatoes and herbs

Dietary fiber per serving : 8 grams

Do not only serve pasta as dinner. With whole grain pasta and fresh tomatoes in an olive oil dressing (instead of a heavy sauce), this is easy enough to enjoy at lunch without having to take a carb-induced nap afterwards.

22. Healthy homemade instant noodles

Dietary fiber per serving : 5 grams

Throw away the brown paper bag at home to get a mason jar that serves as a lunch box and pasta bowl in this super fun, healthier version on instant ramen .

Without sketchy spice packs or excessive sodium, this homemade ramen recipe is all about fresh ingredients. Just add water and sip away.

It is recommended that we each receive at least 25 grams of fiber per day for women or 38 grams per day for men to keep our gut health in check. However, most Americans remain behind – like 95 percent of the population. Quagliani D, et al. (2017). Closing the American fiber intake gap. DOI: 10.1177 / 1559827615588079

25 grams may seem a lot, but it's easier than you think. Concentrate on squeezing a few grams here and a few grams there all day instead of tackling the numbers in one meal.

Start with this list of fiber-filled breakfast recipes, then choose a lunch from our summary to keep you full and fueled all afternoon. When you come to dinner you are well on your way to reaching the daily mark.

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