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22 easy ways to drink more water daily

Trying to drink more water every day can be boring and repetitive at best, and at worst, a little painful. But with a few simple tricks, a few funny rules for yourself and maybe one or two products, it does not have to be that difficult. Here are our best tips to drink more water every day.

. 1 Add flavor to your mug.

You can add a little excitement and taste by soaking fresh fruits (grapefruit, strawberries, lemon), vegetable slices (cucumber, ginger, celery) and herbs (basil, mint, lavender). in your carafe Read 27 This season fruity water is hydrogenated to get inspiration for some delicious add-in combinations. The longer you let it steep, the tastier each cup will be. And you can play with different combos, such as cucumbermint or basil lemon.

. 2 Drink a glass after every bath break.

Start a habit of combining drinking water with one of your most common daily activities – going to the bathroom. Getting up from the desk for a bathroom break? Stop in the kitchen to drink a glass of water. It's just another way to incorporate the habit into your everyday life. You've already gotten up, which means it's the perfect time to pass the water cooler or faucet to fill your bottle or glass. And it will create a great cycle: the more water you drink, the more you have to go to the bathroom, ie the more water you will drink and so on. It's basically the good kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

. 3 Drink before every meal.

If you are having dinner at home, take a sip while cooking and preparing. If you're in a restaurant, ask for water when the server comes to order drinks. If you wait for your lunch to warm or toast your toast, drink water. Even if you make a snack, drink this water. It's just a simple rule that helps you drink more water. Once you've set up these little "rules," you'll find that you do this almost automatically, without you having to think about it or make a great effort.

. 4 Use an app to track your cups.

I do not know about you, but if an activity involves an app, I find it much easier to get into this activity and maybe even get a little excited about it. With a free app such as Daily Water Free or Daily Water you can be easy (and fun) with the number of eyewear you've already completed. Download it to your phone to set daily reminders and alarms. Anything that gives me an excuse to use a neat interface and look at a well designed app has my vote!


5. Or go one step further and get a high-tech water bottle.

Another thing that I really love (besides a well designed app) is a funny gadget and an excuse to get one. What better way to take your tracking to the next level than with the High-Tech DrinKup ($ 69) and its app? This nimble bottle recommends your individual daily intake of water, sends you alerts when it's time to drink, and logs your intake. The DrinKup keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. In addition, he is in his form just as cool as in function. It comes in four different colors and is super slim.

. 6 Dilute sugary drinks with water and ice.

If you drink something sweet, such as juice, lemonade or iced tea, you should dilute your drink with ice or even dilute a cup with some water. You still get the sweetness that you long for and at the same time have more water. If you're not looking forward to a less sweet version of the thing you drink, that's pretty good enough, and this tip may not be for you. But I occasionally order a drink that I expect to be a little sweet, and I find out it's deliciously sweet. In these cases, I do not mind adding extra ice or some water.

. 7 Keep a gallon jar nearby.

If I have to remember to bring something or have something done on a particular day, I'll put it in a place I pass by or look all day long so I can not pass it without being reminded , what I have to do. (I'm known for playing bills that I have to pay for my TV.) Same principle here. It's easy to remember that water is replenished when the source is nearby. Keep a pitcher or a large decanter at your desk, on the bed at home and at the kitchen counter to constantly remind you that you need something to drink. The more you have to look at this water jug, the more you remember to fill it and drink it.

. 8 Invest in a filter.

Depending on where you live and what you have access to, filtered water is more of a necessity than a luxury. But even if it is not absolutely necessary due to the water quality in your region, filtered water may taste better than what comes from the faucet or water fountain. I also find that when investing in a system, whether investing money, effort, or both, I'm more likely to use that opportunity. So, think about using filtration equipment for your kitchen sink and portable bottle. Try Soma Water Filtration Carafe ($ 50) for Home and the Bobble Classic ($ 10) on the way [9659019] 9. Choose sodas for sodas or sodas.

Sure, you will not replace any deliciously sweet soda with Seltzer, but if you're something like me, you're going to a vending machine, corner shop or more to the fridge for boring, taking a break or drinking instead of opting for a sprite. If you are in one of these modes, for which almost all sodas are suitable, choose a sparkling water. Add a pinch of lime juice, and it's like drinking a nice cocktail. Check out A definitive guide to the best Sparkling Waters for an overview of the most popular brands. With Sodastream ($ 80), you can also make your own sparkling water at home.

10th Eat water rich foods.

A deceitful way to increase the amount of water you consume daily: Eat your H2O. Add high-fruit fruits and vegetables to your grocery list. Some top picks are cucumbers (96% water), zucchini (95% water), watermelons (92% water) and grapefruit (91% water). Try the following recipes: Zucchini Pasta with White Beans and Grilled Chicken Grilled Salmon Salad with Grapefruit and Cucumber Salad .

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19659024] 11. Adhere to a 1: 1 rule when drinking alcohol.

You've probably heard the drinking rule: for every cocktail you drink, drink a glass of water. This is a great strategy to stay hydrated during the snacking, and while some people use it in the hope that their hangover could be a little less brutal the next day if not so dehydrated, this is also one A strategy for those who need these little rules and triggers to make them do what they want to do, but sometimes they forget (or find a way to avoid this).

12th Use a marked water bottle.

There is something that states my progress while walking, which really encourages me to keep going, no matter what I'm working on. A fun, visual way to see my efforts summing up is about the best way to make me stay with something. And bonus points, if the thing I use to mark my progress is just as fun as the progress itself. So I think that a bottle marked with ounces or even hours can only help you, every day, your personal one Reach water destination. Try this Colorful Tumbler ($ 11).

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13. Every time you drain your glass or bottle, refill it.

Every time I leave my glass or bottle empty on my desk, it stays like that for hours. Hours that I could fill with ounces. Sure, I keep telling myself that every second I'll get more water. But no, I do not know. However, if you set the rule that once you have finished a container, the container needs refilling, then I doubt you have one or two empty glasses or bottles in the middle. You keep on drinking when the glass is full.

fourteenth Snack with salty things.

To be honest, I'm more likely to be a Grazer than a Snacker. I almost never snack. And I realize that if I chop salted almonds or pretzels, I would have to fight to get my water bottle out of my hands. Everyone has different needs in terms of sodium and other likes and dislikes for taste. But if salty stuff is your jam and you're nibbling anyway, why not marry them and browse for stuff that will grab your water bottle. There is nothing like salted nuts or meat sausage to beat water.

15th Get in herbal tea.

What is tea, but with delicious water? Drink hot in winter and freeze in summer. Whether you like citrus, flowery, spicy or even chocolaty – there is a tea for you. I love to make tea during the day because it gives me a little break from work. I like to drink it in the evening, because a warm, gentle drink always makes me calmer. A hot cup of tea on a winter's afternoon or an ice cold glass in the summer are the best two things ever. Lean tea, make tea, and enjoy hydration.

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16. Keep bottled water in the house and in your car and all your bags filled.

I do not know about you, but I routinely leave the house without replenishing my water bottle and instead of buying it when I'm out. This seems to be wasteful, especially if I have my (empty) refillable bottle with me. I just wait until I'm somewhere where I can fill it up, which means I can go without water for hours. This means that many valuable hours of potential water drinking time are running down the drain (pun intended). Do not be like me: Keep full bottled water in the busiest places, in bags, on your car, on your bike, etc. It's not a bad place to keep a full bottle of water!

17th Set a deadline for every eight ounces.

"When you go to sleep", this is a big thing done. "It's far too vague of an instruction to encourage me to work on the thing, it just feels too big and overwhelming, so something like" drinking eight glasses of water today "(which is not exactly true anyway) But if you tell me to drink two glasses of water at ten o'clock in the morning, four at lunchtime, and six o'clock in the afternoon, then you better believe that I can do it, bite-sized goals throughout Day is something that makes me feel remote, and I imagine it would be the same if I achieved my hydration goals.

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18 As a rule, you should bring a bottle of water with you every time you train and finish it.

Basically you stay hydrated when exercising, this is a must instead of at the water fountain t Drinking between packs or thinking about the coffee after running as a hydration (we all did), make a point of filling and finishing a bottle of water each time you exercise (or the rest after that) Finish drinking and drinking) your meeting). It is another way to associate an activity with the introduction of water. Because this particular activity really benefits from water, you can not make it a rule. Of course, all the needs for hydration are different and no one likes to feel dizzy when doing sports, but even just a few swallows before, during and after training mean a drained water bottle in no time.

19th Get some cool reusable straws.

If you use a straw, you drink faster, which means you will drink more. Who does not want a fancy accessory to be more fun? But leave out the disposable plastic straws that are thin and of course not good for the planet. Try some Colorful Spiral Straws ($ 6) or some elegant, sleek-looking gems ($ 25). There is nothing like outsourcing efforts, if you can, and if there's a straw in the mix, it's almost difficult not to suck a glass or a bottle of water.


20. Drink a glass of water each time you wait for the coffee.

When I work in an office, I find that many people hang around when they are in the kitchen, waiting for the coffee to finish. And the same goes for me when I'm home. I was known to stand at the counter and just stare at the coffee pot just to wait for that sweet, sweet brew to fill the decanter. Basically, I have enough time to stand and stare, but not enough time to do anything else. So why not put one of those little tricks into action and set the rule that you should drink a glass of water every time you wait for coffee?

21st Make transitions in your daily life to hunt water.

Look, we all do certain things today: get up, go to bed, brush your teeth, have breakfast, do the dishes, go for a walk, etc., etc. If you tie each of these transitions to drinking water, you have it before you know it Achieved your goals. To go for a walk? Drink a glass of water. To have lunch? Drinking water. Leave the house? Drinking water. Return home? Drinking water. Do you want to get the mail? Sit down to play video games? You go over to get your book and then sit on the couch and read? Drink the water!

22nd Reward yourself for achieving your goals.

There's nothing like a small reward when you achieve something you set out to do. They just want to reach this goal! Understand the rule that when you reach your destination every day for a week, you buy a fancy coffee drink or spend longer than usual on Netflix or scroll through Instagram. Perhaps after you have achieved all your water goals for a month or two or six months, reward yourself with something even more important. Sure, hydration and the health benefits of water are their own rewards, but we could all occasionally use an additional reward!

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