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21 The best books of the year 2018 for the bookworm in your life

If you need Gift Ideas for the great readers of your life, you're in luck, because in 2018, some absolutely incredible books have turned up. The ultimate best is an impossible task.

Over the course of a year, we've searched for reviews and best-of lists, interviewed our staff, and asked insatiable readers and writers for their best tips to find that selection of 2018 titles that are groundbreaking or paradigm shifts, or something Exceptionally written that everyone talks about them. Through fictitious and non-fictional prose, these books look at life through a kaleidoscope of experience, often tackling difficult issues that have helped define 201

8 – for better or for worse (or perhaps for both).

Books are one of those gifts, as they give you the opportunity to talk about work and pass it on to others. Moreover, the purchase of a writer is an amazing way to support authors whose work you love and whose voices deserve to be heard. And if you read something that you love, find a minute to read online or recommend to a friend, this can increase the reach of an author.

To help you get started, 21 books have been published here this year that would make a great holiday.

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