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21 signs that you found your fitness partner

The number is strong – literally. While a solo sweat session can be therapeutic and confidence-inspiring, we can all get along with some help from our friends. Whether you are successful in spin class, crossfit, group running or yoga studio, it is easier to feel motivated when you look to your side and see a fitness buddy who can not stop and not ceases. (It's no secret that working with a partner or a group of like-minded people has many benefits!) And if you're doing sports at home, you can use Burpees to push your limits with your online BFFs.

But what makes the good workout partners different from the best fitness rides that have 1

00% back? Here are 21 signs that you found your fitness soulmate – er, swolemate.

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21 Signs You & # 39; have found a true fitness friend

1. Time flies when you sweat together.
Would you like to know how to facilitate HIIT training? You get a healthy distraction if you have a buddy. Robyn Broker, a blogger on Run Birdie Run, renounces her ongoing playlists if she has a friend who entertains her. "A long run with a running BFF is a conversation lasting several hours, sometimes there is constant chatter and sometimes silence, but walking completely changes when it's in a shared area."

2. They do not give themselves to the excuses of the other.
It's easy to tell yourself that you can not do another repetition. It's harder to tell that to a friend. "When I train with my friend, we push each other out of our respective comfort zones," says Lauren Wolman, blogger at Peanut Butter Is My Boyfriend. "Whether he encourages me to lift those 10 pounds, or if I can convince him that running seven minutes of planks is a great idea it's not about measuring yourself or showing each other anything. We work together to move forward.

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3. They train together, even if they're on different levels of fitness.
Thinking about having different fitness levels is a deal dealer. Think again. NYC-based runner and physiotherapist Abby Bales is 30 minutes slower than her 3/04 marathon runner, but that does not stop her. "My friend worked through everything with me – when I had a colostomy bag, after operations, when I was pregnant and barely moving, postpartum and with my son in a stroller," says Bales. "She never makes me feel like I'm not worthy of her fitness company."

4. You will sacrifice sleep to meet you.
It is tempting to press the snooze button when you mark a solo workout. But if you know your friend is waiting for you, you probably will not benefit so much from him. "My friend Nina is my responsibility," says blogger Tracy Davis, who uses the term coined by her November project training group. Nina and Tracy signed a pact at 5:45 am to touch the base to make sure they're both out of bed and ready to run or go to the gym.

5. They help each other restore.
Davis & # 39; responsibility gives her the necessary impetus to maintain the lather of the lower body and to feel good too. "She stays over me to make sure I do my IT tape recovery work," Davis says of her fitness beast. We all strive #NeverMissaMonday, but hey, sustainable workouts are the ultimate goal, right?

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6. You Have A High Five- Or Fist Strike On The Reg.
When you're done with sweating, you do not have to pat yourself – your friend can do that for you. Even if it's a shaky high-five between push-up sets or a quick taboo punch, this classic, traditional form of encouragement is sometimes more than a push notification from your fitness tracker.

7. Your achievements are as exciting as your own.
Whether it's a race, a CrossFit competition or a five-minute plank, training for your own goals is exciting, satisfying and empowering. Do you see how your fitness buddy achieves his goals? Likewise, not great. Runner Meggie Smith, a blogger on The Thinks I Can Think, was thrilled to see her friend Jocelyn get a marathon PR, and support is always mutual. "When I saw Jocelyn after a Boston qualifying race, she first told me," Of course you did! I knew you would do that! "

8. Things look less scary when you're together.
While Meghan Conroy's training ranked first in the spin-up front row, 32-year-old Conroy, a senior research analyst in Los Angeles, preferred a less conspicuous place. But Conroy finally got into the front row. "I've gotten bolder and finally tried the front row because we were two and there was safety in numbers," says Conroy. "That made it less scary."

9. You are looking forward to your welding appointments even after a long day.
"At the end of the day, I usually move and have no motivation," says Conroy. But she can not refuse the opportunity to meet with her fitness partner. "If I have planned to meet my friend in the gym for a boxing class, I will turn up. It gives me something to look forward to all day in the office. "

10. You share things that TMI passes on to others.
Bruised toes, scathing catastrophes, bath breaks went awry … you share everything and then some with your partner in crime. True sign of a wounded man? You did not go beyond swapping blister photos for popping advice.

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