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21 Mason Jar Meals that make meal preparation easier to handle

It is common knowledge that you use preserving jars when you want to score points for presentation on anything. From the replacement of soap dispensers to alternatives to flower vases, there is a rustic charm about these small glass containers that reinforce the cuteness of what is tenfold in them.

The same applies of course to the food. Jars are no longer just a joke when it comes to preparing food, not just for marmalades and jams. Not only do they give your food a magenta-like appearance, they also allow you to pre-portion your food for the week, are easy to microwave if you need to re-heat the contents, and are even oven-proof.

So, take a break from Tupperware and prepare these 21

-meal-time meals. And do not worry – it's not just about the look. The recipes themselves are as delicious as the mason jars make them look.


With chia seeds, acai powder and many mixed fresh berries, these naturally sweetened smoothie and pudding glasses are packed with antioxidants. You get a lot of healthy fats and fiber, all from a cool and creamy preparation that tastes like dessert.

They taste like muffins but are much healthier for you and you can eat them from glasses. We would say that this portable baked oat is a win at all levels. Do it if you do not get into the texture of normal oatmeal overnight, but still need something quick and hearty in the morning.

Do not be fooled by the compact look of the glasses – with turkey, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and eggs layered in each layer, they are full of nutrients to fill you up all morning. A pinch of cinnamon and cardamom gives them a unique kick, and as a bonus, they are totally whole30-friendly for those who are looking for matching recipes.

Of course you can have apple pie for breakfast, that is, as long as you make this recipe. With just two tablespoons of added sugar in the four-serving portion, a Greek yogurt topping instead of whipped cream and some chia seeds that give the apple jam good fats, each layer provides plenty of food.

No protein powder needed to give this inflated vessel its power. The macronutrient comes from the milk and from the Greek yogurt, which together make the oats taste particularly creamy. This recipe is just one serving, but it's a simple process – just mix everything together! – You can easily multiply the stack to fill a few glasses.

They first roast meat and vegetables in a pan. The actual omelets, however, are cooked in the preserving jars themselves. Baked until perfectly roasted and fluffy, they are heated directly out of the oven or microwave in the week.

When Cauliflower Rice gives the eggs a little more volume (and vegetables!), You will not notice it. These compact casseroles are low carbohydrate creations. Gratinated with cheese and cooked directly in the glasses, they are so much nicer, more space-efficient and more portioned than if you made them in a huge casserole dish.


The only real thing The work you have to do for this recipe is to mix together the ingredients for the herbal dressing. In other words, it's a really quick and easy salad that's great for preparing food. Be sure to put the bandage on the bottom of the jars so the vegetables do not get muddy before you start eating!

With quinoa, white beans, and spicy butternut squash, this recipe is referred to as a salad, but it's as filling as a entree. Boil the quinoa while the vegetables are frying to get the most out of your time, and do not be put off by the 45 minutes of preparation – after all, you get good three to four meals out of it. [19659006] This pasta-based pasta salad does not have much carbohydrates, but with edamame, feta and a creamy avocado dressing, you will not be short of protein or healthy fats to stay full. Spinach is also part of the dressing, so you can feed a little more on leafy vegetables without having to bother with it.

In just 30 minutes you can assemble a well-balanced French salad with tuna and roasted desserts to a boiled egg and fresh vegetables. Maybe you'll eat it at your desk, but you'll feel like you're in a sidewalk café in Paris.

Sweet, spicy, spicy, crunchy … everything goes perfectly with these healthy fruit and quinoa salads thanks to the dried apricots, feta, curry and mustard dressing and almond flakes. If you know that these taste and texture overcooked salads are ready and prepared, you will enjoy the lunch break every day of the week.

A meal with steak does not necessarily have to be special. Take one weekend every 20 minutes to spice up sirloin and garnish with a glass of vegetables, juicy mango pieces and a nippy dressing, and you can enjoy this Thai-inspired salad several days a week. [19659006] Chicken salad may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but if you give it a Mediterranean flair with feta cheese and a brisk balsamic olive oil dressing, then layer the ingredients into glasses to create a rustic effect Special.

Main Dishes

Put the Chipotle's everyday life on hold and get your Mexican food in order with this healthier and cheaper meal preparation. With sweet potatoes, black beans, corn and rice, every jar is full of carbohydrates that will not crash you in the afternoon. In addition, you will probably get four meals for the price of a burrito bowl in a restaurant.

Rolling sushi? Too much work. Put everything you love about sushi into a jar and dig in with a fork? Much better. From vinegar rice to sea kelp to vegetables cut like matches, these free-form shrimp sushi glasses do not give up the ingredients of a traditional maki, but they are much easier to make.

These colorful glasses really make you feel as if you were the rainbow (sorry, bowling). With rice noodles, lots of refreshing raw vegetables and juicy sauteed chicken and a spicy lime dressing, when you're ready to eat, they taste as delicious as they are eye-catching.

This meal-preparation jar version of Minestrone could not be easier – you do not have to cook the pasta before. Simply cover with pre-cooked vegetables, beans and some vegetable stock. When you're done eating, all you have to do is add water and microwave until it looks like the big, fat soup we all love.

Of course, spring rolls are crispy and deep-fried and yummy, but often there's just too little to fill. Eliminate the problem with these meals, which bring everything you love about spring rolls, such as juicy meat, vermicelli, crispy vegetables, and creamy dipping sauce, and put a portion of it in jars. Trust us, you will not miss these greasy packaging. What matters is the interior.

These one-piece shepherd pies may look like they require a lot of work, but they're really not much harder than a normal recipe. The only difference is that instead of putting each component in a casserole dish, spoon it into jars. If you enjoy one or two days after the preparation, then enter it when it's time to snoop into it. The cheese will melt, the potatoes will fluffy and the meat / vegetable mixture will marinate well.

The insanely high levels of sodium, fried noodles, crazy preservatives … there is not much about instant ramen that is good for you. For a solution that is almost as fast but infinitely healthier, use this recipe, which uses spiral courgettes, chicken as a protein supplement, extra fiber vegetables, and broth of nutrient yeast and simple spices. It's definitely not the ramen we ate in college – it's so much better.

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