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21 gifts for the aspiring baker

2018 was the year I finally came to bake and the year I realized that I had no baking tools. Unlike cooking, you can not just decide to start baking. At the very least, you need a few important things to do something different from anything not just simple cakes, such as microwave mug cakes and plain biscuits. You can not just make beautiful cakes and pies on a whim – you need special equipment to really get started. If you know someone in your tight circle who dreams of rolling dough all day and stirring butter and sugar, you should buy one of these 21

gifts. They contain all the necessary baking tools to start with, such as cake pans, spatulas and mixing bowls, as well as large household items such as blenders and food processors, which will take them from dreamer to pro. No time. And whatever you get will be a gift for you – who do you think they'll bake it for?

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