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21 Christmas gifts under $ 25 for everyone on your 2020 list

With many major holidays rapidly approaching, it is time to treat your loved ones (including yourself, you overworked wife) without running out of your bank account. Since it’s an unusually stressful season this year thanks to the pandemic and politics, let’s help. We’ve kept our eyes peeled for gifts that are comforting, relaxing, and generally delighting, and all costing $ 25 or less. (Pro tip: you don’t have to wait to send any of these. No time for presents like the present!)

For the people you care about most, we’ve put together useful, well-thought-out products that will hopefully bring a smile to their faces and remind them to take care of it even when you are unable to personally help to be with them. From scalp massagers to terrarium kits, below are 21

great gifts under $ 25 that promise to lift any buddy and create a stir even during these weirdest times.

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