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2020 Audi e-tron electric SUV road test in the United Arab Emirates

The irony of tearing through the oil-rich desert in the United Arab Emirates in the new Audi 2019 e-tron, a purely electric SUV, is enough to make a giggle. On a windswept dune somewhere between Al Ain and Abu Dhabi lies Audi's vision for the future of mobility. The metaphorical game of the king of the (fuel) hill becomes literal. The electrification is here and it wants to bring fossil fuels into the past.

The choice of Audi in the Middle East as a perfect backdrop for the first foray into all-electric vehicles was no coincidence. Tester E-Trons were assigned in Masdar City, an urban residential and commercial oasis on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, which was built specifically CO2-emission-free. Highly funded by the UAE government, Masdar promises a future without fossil fuels. The construction work is expected to be completed in ten years. Although it is now more of a ghost town than a booming example of renewable energy, this is the beginning of the tide turn.

The parent company of Volkswagen, the Volkswagen Group, can rely heavily on this. Despite the production of more than 1

0 million vehicles with combustion engine in 2017, the Volkswagen Group plans to introduce 27 electric vehicles by 2022 at a price of 50 billion US dollars. The E-Tron is a solid start for this boost, a luxury battery electric vehicle that keeps close to Audi's brand DNA.

An Electric Design

That said, the E-Tron has a lot to love. Audi did not intend to reinvent the electric car – a market segment that already includes the Tesla Model X and Jaguar's I-Pace, and soon the EQC from Mercedes-Benz and the R1S from Rivian. Instead of radical swoopings, which designers tend to transfer to electric vehicles, the e-tron looks like any other Audi running off the line: modern, clean, sporty and slightly aggressive. It is even more beautiful in person, especially when it is dipped in Antigua Blue Metallic paint.

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Inside, all the finer creature comforts Valcona leather, fine-grained Ascheinlagen, massage seats, LED contour lighting, the easy-to-use multimedia interface (over several large touch screens A large Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker system and much more Large rear legroom means passengers over half a meter are not cramped, and the lack of a conventional drivetrain down the center of the vehicle provides more space for storage.

Underneath the bottom plate is a 95 kWh battery pack that drives two motors, one per axle The rear is slightly larger than the front part, but together they offer up to 408 hp and 489 Nm of torque powerful, but it's not "ridiculous" fast, like a Model X. The Shuffle to 60 takes 6.6 seconds, a Boost mode (ten seconds) where the engines oversteer To reach the maximum power achieved by accelerating the accelerator will shave about one second out of this time.

On the highway

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<p class= Zu the Reasons behind the cameras include increasing efficiency and reducing noise at the same time: Audi spent tons of time and money trying to "hear the sound of silence" when engineers called it "internal." Internal combustion engine consumers do not care around the engine and the accompanying road noise, largely due to conventional side mirrors intersecting the air. However, a Battery Electric customer wants a pin to drop at 70 mph, so Audi has been using it in places it has not used before. Foam is everywhere in the door panels, even in the wheels to calm the tires. The efforts of the e-tron engineers have been successful: one clearly hears the breathing of a passenger as he pushes along the highway.

The ride itself is supple in comfort mode and stiffens slightly when sport mode is activated. The 1,500-pound battery in the center of the chassis helps maintain the E-Tron no matter how hard you beat the 5,500-pound damper. Torque Vectoring helps to retain the power needed for the wheels that are most needed, and even in the most dynamic driving situations, such as flying on the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road near Abu Dhabi. There's no understeer, and the adaptive air suspension borrowed from the Q7 helps the e-tron dive right where and when you want it. Steering is easy with strong acceleration, which will probably not bother future owners.

How far will the e-tron go?

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<p class= What can make potential buyers assert themselves is the range of the E-Tron. Audi turned down the questions, saying they were all revealed after the EPA rating, but the unofficial consensus is that the E-Tron has a capacity between 200 and 220 miles, which is almost a third less than the 295-mile range of the Tesla Model X 100D. Even Jag's I-Pace reaches 234 miles (234 miles), so although the e-tron is nearby, it's currently still in competition. As we covered over 300 miles with a mid-charge break, the energy was cut faster than expected, but we were on highways with a speed limit of more than 100, so sometimes our test drive was not exactly an indicator of a real-life use case.

While area anxiety is a real problem for some buyers, manufacturers are trying to shift the conversation with unpredictable buyers from these statistics to a different perspective: load time. And Audi is not bad. The default is charging time to 80 percent because the battery cells can not pick up electrons as fast as they get full, and Audi reaches 80 percent in 27 minutes. Compared to filling the fuel tank, this is an Eon, but compared to the 40 minutes a Model X needs for a supercharger, that's pretty fast.

In fact, if you plug the E-Tron into a fast charger (Level 3 DC 150k kW), you'll be 100 percent in 45 minutes. You can also use normal 240 volt outlets to get a full charge as there are connectors on both sides of the e-tron. However, do not plan to go anywhere for at least nine, possibly 12 hours. (The Volkswagen Group is working with Electrify America to provide access to more than 500 fast-charging vehicles in 40 states this summer for owners of E-Tron, and owners will receive 1,000 kWh for free, allowing for around 2,000 miles of driving.)

With a battery-powered electric vehicle, the game is called efficiency. With some throttle and brake considerations in mind, the E-Tron can help recover an admirable portion of the energy it consumes. The existing Audi program called Predictive Efficiency Assistant helps train drivers by using GPS routes and their cameras to monitor other vehicles and traffic signs. If the computer detects a slowdown in advance, a small green foot symbol will flash in your dashboard. This will let you know that you must release the throttle and let the car run out. In cities where car-to-x is activated, your Audi will know that it has a red light and makes you aware of it. Stick to the proposal, and you should not have to use the brakes to come to a complete stop, as we have repeatedly experienced in Abu Dhabi.

Managing All the Energy

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But how the EUV recovers the energy is really innovative." The e-tron uses a brake-by-wire system where the engines slow down the car and recover energy from the wheels. You've found that you do not need 90 percent of them to stop under 0.03 grams Instead of using hydraulic brakes, they use a tiny fluid reservoir. Behind the firewall fills the feeling of simulating a traditional brake pedal feel, but the engines do the work, it's easy to read this and not think much of it. but this is a Gia No Deal, because no other electric car has that ever done. On a Tesla, the brakes brake and the hydraulic brakes bite the rotor. Recuperation is added, but Audi sees this method as wasted energy and decided ingeniously to separate the two systems. Granted, the e-tron can tell if you really need friction brakes and they work perfectly, but even in hard driving, we've only seen these steps in about ten percent of the time.

For example, when ascending to Jebel In Hafeet Mountain we burned about 12 kWh, but the system was able to return about 10 kWh to the battery on the way back. Not too shabby, e-tron.

Most importantly, all of this technology leads to a very fun driving experience. A small section of the dune ride provided the opportunity to put the E-Tron in off-road mode, raising the Ute slightly and simply beating it. If you did not drive a 5,500-pound SUV sideways through sand dunes, I highly recommend it. Even on the straights, the E-Tron at speeds over 80 made the sandy bumps rise with pleasure and laughed from that driver. It is not a typical use case for an electric vehicle worth $ 74,800, but certainly a seditious one.

Audi's e-tron may not be the fastest, fastest or most radical-looking electric SUV, but it's the perfect crossover vehicle for people who want to burn combustion cars for the tough future.