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20 Healthy Gifts for Fit Mothers 2019

If you have or know of an active wellness guru mother who can give you a present that fits your healthy lifestyle, you'll be rewarded with additional brownie points – and we're in the top spot in the race for that Do not call favorite child. The big advantage of these gifts is that they are more likely to use them.

Her standard gifts (a box of chocolates, a new bathrobe, a shiny necklace) will most likely end up in the back of the closet or in the trash if she has a #YogaEveryDamnDay compared to a # NamaStayinBed kind of mother. Whether you prefer to spend your time out in the great outdoors, taking a Pilates class with your best group of friends, balancing in a tree pose, or meditating to find your Zen, we have the gifts you need (and earned) Mother's Day.

Inspire HR Fitness Tracker

Fitbit's lightweight, portable device can track all your active mother's workouts, stride and sleep with a durable battery and easy-to-use interface. If she wants to wear it, swap the silicone band for a nicer version of metal mesh in gold or silver.

Pro Hyperwarm Fleece

These multi-colored fleece leggings from Nike can exercise in the gym and outside of it concerns that come from sober black yoga pants. The extra elastic stirrup leather keeps the seat in place and the hyper-warm fleece technology keeps you comfortable on cold days.

Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat


$ 89.95

Give her a yoga mat that cares. The mat of our brand Backslash Fit has a mechanism that unrolls itself after the session and rolls up again. She just has to wipe it off herself.

Suspension Training System

No gym? No problem. Mama can use these practical straps and her own body weight for low impact exercises virtually anywhere.

Lululemon wears the day bag


$ 198.00

No matter what physical fitness her boat floats or where she goes after training, this versatile travel bag has tons of compartments for all sorts of gear and accessories, including a laptop and a yoga mat. Inside pockets separate sweaty items and there is even a removable heat-resistant bag for hot hair tools when it needs repair. Do not be surprised if you use this route outside the classroom or in the gym.

Resistance Bands Exercise Loops

This series of exercise loops is great for stretching, stretching, exercising and much more in your day bag. The resistance ranges from x-light to x-heavy, so it can find all kinds of applications.


If your mom is training at the next road race, give her the tools to help her smash her PR with these speed-designed Asics shoes. The unique sole is designed to reduce fatigue and push it through the finish line with soft, springy steps.


Foam rollers can be painful, but are essential for the recovery of every mother. Help her do so in a style that has a modern and very contemporary, pink, marbled design.

Compression Performance X Socks

These vibrant compression socks are suitable for both activity and recreation, allowing them to maximize blood flow and fend off shin splints.

Premium Be Free Yoga Kit

Whether she is just starting to learn the basics or is already an experienced yogi, this four-part kit will strengthen her practice. A color-coordinated mat (which is also reversible), a towel (super absorbent in sweaty sessions), webbing (sturdy leverage if you want to try this new pose) and a block (for support when you need it most) all her tools and the equipment she needs to get the name.

Boxing Gloves

If your mother is as much a fighter as a lover, she will love those gloves that will give her next color and personality class or sparring session.

Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap with Shiatsu Massage


$ 73.64

Treat your mother regularly with massages without constantly sending her to the spa (who has the budget for that?), If you give her this heated massage pack, which is ideal for rest and relaxation. All she has to do is plug it in and turn it on. Four shiatsu back massage knots work together with heat and release muscle tension in the back. You must thank you for helping her get back into action again and again.

The Collins Hybrid Woven Strap Smart Watch

Tory Burch

$ 250.00

A smartwatch that does not look like it's hard to get. Although it looks like a classic, traditional watch, it also syncs to your smartphone for music, text messaging, activity tracking, and more. The watch is also compatible with silicone and leather straps, which can be changed depending on what they are doing. She likes the fact that she can wear it outside of the gym too.

BLACK + DECKER Infuser 3-in-1 Digital PowerCrush Mixer


$ 44.99

Take your water infusion game to the next level with this multifunctional device. It has an infusion filter, which is connected to the blender jar, so that water can be easily provided with a healthy taste. The blender itself can also powder other tough ingredients such as frozen fruit to create delicious smoothies and soups, ice creams and purées so you never have to go without a nutritious dish or drink to sip and drink.

CloudKnit Sweats [19659008OutdoorVoices

$ 85.00

Extremely soft, but also extremely cool, these organic cotton sweats become their new all-over trousers. Not only do you work for every physical activity she wants to attend during the day, but also to run errands, relax, and act on the Pilates smoothie date.

BeatsX Earphones

Like functional jewelery, but to work out satin silver headphones are as pretty as a pair of earrings. The wireless design not only prevents curved cables from getting in the way of a continuous welding session.

The Laundress Sports Detergent

The Laundress

$ 16.12

Let's just say that the sweat-soaked sportswear does not smell so good and does not wash it just like other garments in a typical laundry load. This duo features The Laundress' special sports formula designed specifically for sweat-inducing invulnerable elements in two different formats (and a very elegant packaging) – a cleanser and refreshing spray – to ensure that their leggings and tanks are as new (and not affecting BO) for their next workouts.

Resolve Plus Jacket

The North Face

$ 98.95

This slim, black, lightweight jacket is the perfect shell for any outdoor sport that makes your heart beat faster. She can even wear it while driving to a class or gym, and then fold it up and put it in her bag (when not needed).

AllBirds Wool Runners

allbirds.com [19659010] $ 95.00

From the streets to the trail and everywhere in between, these unique woolen shoes (yes, that's right) move them forward. The feet stay dry, thanks to the finely ground and itch-free merino wool, which repels water on the outside and dissipates moisture inside. The S-shaped sole ensures maximum comfort – without aches and pains! The pretty violet color is refined yet sporty enough when she trains in the gym and works on her fitness or on the go. In any case, she will stand out from the crowd in sports.

Contigo Couture Thermalock Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


$ 19.99

A mother who is not a fitness lover to give a water bottle may seem like a lame gift, but the mother, who always moves and shakes, will definitely appreciate a new ship, especially if it's so fancy like this. The Contigo Couture bottles all have the same characteristics that everyone knows and loves (eg a leak-proof lid, a stainless steel interior that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, a wide opening for optimal water flow and cleaning). But with full-body graphics that set them apart from everyone else, and a carrying handle for easy transportation. You will surely find one that best suits your personality, with the choice of colors and patterns.

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