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20 creative ways to celebrate during a unique New Year at home

After a long 2020, we totally feel you when you want to celebrate its end and welcome in style in 2021. However, the pandemic is making many of our normal New Year’s plans look a little different this year.

For starters, the venue restrictions and social distancing measures ensure that crowded nightclubs are filled with dancing and midnight kisses.

The good news is that there are still many ways in which you can safely have fun – whether you’re celebrating with your partner, friends, or family. Plus, partying at home will prove it path cheaper than entrance fees and overpriced cocktails.

Are you ready to make your own fireworks? Put on your party hat and check out some of our favorite ways to celebrate NYE the COVID safe way.

Here are some inexpensive ways to make your homemade New Year celebration beautiful.

Make a scrapbook

While there are always parts of the year you̵

7;d rather forget, cherish the happy moments by creating a scrapbook. Add photos, receipts of special purchases, write down funny memories or jokes.

We’re here for the positive vibe, so you can even add a checklist of things to look forward to in 2021.

Experiment in the kitchen

We’re talking about trying something with food, folks – so stop those dirty thoughts (or at least save them for dessert). Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try sushi or make pizza dough from scratch. Have fun and Strengthen your bond by creating something new.

As an added bonus, you can devour the fruits of your labor when you’re done.

Build a cozy fortress

If it’s good enough for Joey and Ross, it’s A-OK for us. Stack old boxes or drape blankets over pieces of furniture to create a den that your cats (and younger you) would be jealous of. Then crawl in and make yourself comfortable while enjoying sweet treats and remembering favorite memories.

Go and stare at the stars

Nothing makes us more humble and awesome than looking up at the night sky and looking for Venus, falling stars or … one of Elon Musk’s many satellites.

If there aren’t any starts that night, grab blankets, bottles of hot chocolate, and snuggle up while you wait for real-time fireworks to light up.

Add a New Years Eve countdown to your family time.

Set up a photo booth for the home

No matter how old we are, we all love to dress up. Grab hats, glasses and feather boas, make cut-out cardboard mustaches or speech bubbles to clip on sticks. Then, do a pose and snap some fun photos to hang proudly in the New Year.

Start things off with a bang early

One of the best things about NYE is watching fireworks. Start the excitement early by either heading to a fireworks display before midnight or checking out some high quality online displays.

This magical show in Disneyland will delight young people while older kids will appreciate the London NYE fireworks with pop music hits.

Get smart with ceramics

We don’t propose a “ghost” scenario in the middle of your kitchen. Instead, make lasting memories of your family home evening together by decorating plates that you can use for years to come.

Ceramic paints and pencils can easily be bought online, with the latter causing little chaos (hooray!).

Have a PJ party

Grab everything you can – from comforters and blankets to pillows and sleeping bags – and collect them in the living room for the ultimate sleeping space.

Chances are, you’re probably already in your pajamas. So make yourself comfortable in your makeshift bedroom and bathe Netflix until you all fall asleep.

Keep the group small but powerful – and dress up like you did before a pandemic.

Have everyone bring a course

Dinner parties are great – until you find the host to spend hours in the kitchen beforehand.

Take the stress out of organizing the main course yourself and asking guests to bring starters and dessert. As long as they don’t have to wash up, they don’t mind!

Add a topic

Everything is better with a theme, so adapt your menu and decor to something that is fun. Maybe make a Mexican night by dishing out fajitas and putting small cacti on the table. Or serve a variety of Chinese cuisine while hanging paper lanterns from the ceiling.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget the drinks!

Go for your imagination

Who says invitations and black ties are only for weddings? Save the date cards in the mail and invite your friends to put on their gladrags. Display your fancy plates and cutlery, fold napkins into swans (okay, we’ll settle for fans), and set up tealight candles for a true five-star experience.

Make things super cute

If we’re not allowed to jump straight to dessert (sigh), make the final event worthwhile and set up a table full of decadent sweet treats. With bite-sized versions, guests can enjoy their favorites throughout the evening. Mini eclairs, meringue nests, macarons, or cheesecake cups are great options.

If you’re a homebody, you already get your kicks from what’s in your closet. Start the new year in the same way.

Laughing game

Unleash your competition and immerse yourself in an evening of board games. There are so many brilliant ways to get you thinking and laughing. With neither Colonel Mustard nor a library in sight, we are fans of Dixit, Kingdomino and Sushi Go Party.

Screentime magic

With a long evening now, the time has come for the movie marathon you wanted. Hop on a train to Hogwarts, travel back in time for a 1980s John Hughes extravaganza, or visit a galaxy far, far away. Wherever you venture out, popcorn is a must.

Keep a casserole off

Order lots of ingredients and have a competition with your friends to see who can make the best cake. Awards for the tastiest, most resourceful, and greatest disaster are all acceptable, as is devouring everything afterwards.

Let’s ask

You can’t beat a good ol ‘quiz night – especially if you’re playing with friends, you can make the categories more personal. Ask everyone to prepare with a round of questions so that no one is banished to the position of quiz master for the entire evening. A prize for the winner adds an extra dose of competition.

A go-big-party mindset can thrive in any setting.

Get in the mood

There’s nothing worse than being forced to listen to music that makes you want to stuff your ears with cotton. Ask your friends to share their favorite songs and compile them into a playlist. Then throw a dance party over Zoom with a memorable NYE soundtrack.

The children are alright

Just because you’re well past puberty doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy party games – and you’ll have a ton of fun playing some classics with an adult twist.

Fill a pinata with alcoholic gummy candies, play Jay-Z music chairs, and get creative by sticking the tail on the celeb (because who hasn’t wondered what Justin Bieber would look like with a fluffy bunny?).

Grab a happy night

Long before iPhones were our entire lives, single-use cameras were the first choice for recording special events. Give each of your friends one of these photographic classics to snap away in the evening. Then meet in the New Year to laugh at your masterpieces as soon as they are developed.

Mix it up

It’s not a drink-free party – and if you’re bored of beer, mix it up. Go to the grocery store and stock up on lemons, limes, tonics, syrups, and spirits (non-alcoholic if you’re younger than 21) – and see what delicious concoctions you can shake up in one night.

Whatever ideas you enjoy, you should be able to implement them in a fun and, more importantly, confidently. Have fun and bring us a glass for a happy and healthy New Year.

Chantelle Pattemore is a writer and editor based in London, UK. She focuses on lifestyle, health, beauty, food and fitness.

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