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20 breathable face masks for running and outdoor sports

Exercising is always good for your health, of course, but in a time of isolation, disrupted structure and general insecurity, it is important to increase your heart rate and get the endorphins flowing. Even better for your health and your general stable state of mind? Going outside and going outside a lot.

So far, science has shown that the least risk of getting sick is when you’re outside (and more than three feet apart). This is because the air is constantly flowing and infectious droplets are less stagnant.

“Exercising is important, especially when we are all stressed out during this pandemic,” says Dr. John Whyte, WebMD̵

7;s chief medical officer. “A lot of people are stressed about going to the gym. A good alternative might be to exercise and take vitamin D at the same time.”

And with all of the health precautions, we want to make sure you get your workout as safe as possible.

Use your best judgment for masks and outdoor exercise.

We don’t know how long this will all take. Hell, we don’t have a complete understanding of the virus at all.

What do we know? “Being outdoors reduces the risk of transmission,” says Whyte. “If you exercise outside and away from other people (e.g. in your garden, in an uncrowded park where not many people live and can socially distance themselves) you don’t have to wear a mask. If you are If you don’t run or come in contact with other people, you don’t have to wear it either. You can’t catch the coronavirus by briefly passing someone while jogging or crossing a street. “

However, for people who are in cities and crowded rooms, it is better to have a mask on hand.

“If you find yourself in a crowded park or walking a path that gets very crowded when there is a shortage, bring a mask so you can put the mask on and give yourself more protection when you’re no more than 6 feet away” says Whyte.

The fast answer? You’re probably fine on your own in your own garden. If there might be other people around, definitely bring a mask.

Look for masks that are meant to get sweaty.

However, not every face mask is suitable for a good workout. (Let’s leave the N-95 to the indoor health professionals.) If you want to be outside and fit during your stay, find materials that are breathable, comfortable, sweat-wicking, and easy to clean.

“Because you sweat during exercise, and sweat and water make it harder to get a good seal, it’s important to wear a mask with a tightly woven fabric,” says Whyte. “You have to hold it up over your nose and chin. No paper or cheap cotton or net masks.”

According to Whyte, 100 percent cotton is a good choice – breathable and comfortable – but high-performance athletes could benefit from something with a tighter seal. UV protection and antimicrobial layers are nice details, but not essential. A tight weave and a tight seal are your details here.

Whichever fabric you choose, be sure to keep it clean so that it can do its job best. “Wash with soap after every workout,” says Whyte. “Don’t scrub too vigorously as this can damage you [the fabric]. And if you use a lot be sure to check for holes before putting them back on. “

It has to be M.ask Mask? What about a bandana?

Look, we understand. As often as you have to (have to!) Wear a mask, wearing a mask during exercise can become uncomfortable. For more airy options like a headscarf or gaiter, the consensus applies: go at your own risk. The looser the fit of the face covering, the less protection you will get. They are better than nothing, but neither are they a direct exchange. The most important thing is that it stays up and locked around your mouth and nose even while moving.

Fortunately, some of our favorite brands make masks that make your life a little easier. We’re talking about stretch masks, filtered neck gaiters, and everything in between. Whether you are running, hiking or biking, there is a face mask that will keep you protected and breathing comfortably. Here are 20 of the most breathable masks available to buy right now, including some tips from the editor Men health.

SMRTFT sports mask

This mask has a tight but stretchy fit, making it ideal for outdoor runs or lawn work. Instead of separate ear straps that slide as you move, it’s a large piece of fabric with holes for your ears. This will minimize any fidgeting you may be tempted to.

Onzie Mindful Masks

The surface area of ​​this Onzie mask is larger than most, giving you more coverage (and less slip) for an outdoor workout. This is made with a stretchy spandex outside and a breathable lining.

Hanes Signature Stretch-To-Fit Masks 6-pack

One of the biggest problems with exercising in masks is how much they move when your body is doing this. Hanes made these stretchy masks that stay one with your face.

BlackStrap Civil face mask


$ 16.00

This mask contains the elements of training equipment you know and love: moisture wicking and antimicrobial fabrics. That said, it won’t get wet or smelly if you sweat a lot. You can also throw it in the washing machine for maximum cleanliness.

Shock doctor play safe face mask

Zero exposed spaces mean minimal places where germs can get in and out. This is designed with the athlete in mind, with a moving part near the mouth (a “quick flip”) that allows you to take a sip of water without removing the mask entirely. Drinking water does not prevent coronavirus, but it is necessary for optimal health and performance. (Do you feel lightheaded or dizzy? Make sure it’s an isolated symptom.)

Reebok Face Covers 3-pack

Reebok’s face masks are soft, stretchy and stay in place, especially when moving. After a run, hand wash them in the sink and hang dry.

Editor’s Choice


“Under Armor’s innovative face mask is a totally easy winner. It can get a little hot in the mouth area if you sweat like any other mask on the market, but the fabric is breathable, especially around the nose and fits comfortably, with no adjustments required. If it’s good enough for professional athletes, it’s good enough for me “- Adam Mansuroglu, Senior Style & Gear Editor

Adidas Face Covers 3 pack

Editor’s Choice

Mission Cooling Gaiter face mask

“These lightweight gaiters are an easy fix when you’re tired of the typical #masklife. Just be careful not to submerge them in water – they can be difficult to breathe.” – – Brett Williams, fitness editor

Buff CoolNet UV + Solid Buff

Buffs are great for runs where you need your belongings to stay in position. It’s a snug fit – it doesn’t move while you move – but the cooling material makes it easy to breathe.

Editor’s Choice

Self Pro Summer UPF50 ++ neck seal

“These lightweight, moisture-wicking gaiters are soft enough not to irritate your skin on long runs. At just $ 15 you can safely fill up 2 or 3 to keep turning them regularly.” – – Michael Darling, editor-in-chief

Vocalol Summer UV protection face protection

Outdoor adventurers have used face protection for years, but for different reasons than they do now. But the upside is that they know how to do things that you can breathe. We like these for running or cycling; It has a drawstring to make sure it’s snug.

Editor’s Choice

Zensah Performance face mask

“I love how light and breathable this mask is. The straps wrap around your head so there is no half-way ear fatigue and the curved shape goes well with longer faces.” – Jamie Prokell, creative director

Guteato 3-pack summer mask

When running or hiking, the standard face mask may slip off your nose or a neck seal may slowly roll down. This summer mask is the best of both worlds: it hooks around your ears but covers your mouth and neck. There is also no room for germs to sneak into the pages.

Buck Mason Anti-Microbial Prevention Face Mask 5 Pack

Antimicrobial is another fitness wear staple that is hugely welcome in the face covering field. This means your face mask won’t stink even when you’re working at maximum power. Plus, this one looks Well. Sometimes that’s the edge you need.

BOA Performask face mask


$ 15.00

This mask was made to run, but we would wear it for almost any workout outdoors. It consists of two protective layers for the ultimate in filtration.

Hurley multipurpose neck seal

Moisture transport is one of the most important elements of workout clothing, including breathable face masks. This neck seal will allow sweat (and heavy breathing) to drain away instead of getting the inside of the mask wet.

Editor’s Choice

De Soto Sport skin cooler face mask

“A great three-layer mask to protect without affecting your breathing. Fits with light and doesn’t get in your way. I like the ties around your head instead of hanging around your ears.” – – Jamie Prokell, creative director

Achiou neck seal

This breathable neck seal is super light and therefore bearable on hot summer runs. It’s also easy to pick up and down when off the beaten path and away from people.

Editor’s Choice

The better bandana

“It’s a headscarf so that ore air can flow when it’s active rather than warming the neck. However, it also has an additional filter nanofiber filter that is sewn into the fabric for added security.” – – Jamie Prokell, creative director

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