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2 exercises that can strengthen your wrists and forearms

In his latest video, Fitness YouTuber Eugene Teo breaks down his favorite wrist and forearm exercises. While it is possible to develop the size of the forearms through basic pull and push exercises, these are the moves Teo recommends to build strength, flexibility, and stability in these muscles.

Wrist articulations

Grab one end of any type of pole and hold it in front of you. Then, slowly and in a controlled manner, guide your wrist through as many ulnar deviations, supinations, pronations, and radial deviations as possible. “You will find that your strength is different with every move,”

; says Teo. “So bring your arm higher or lower on the object, or change the load if you are using weight to make up for that difference in strength in each position.” “”

It’s important to resist the urge to twist your body while performing these movements and instead stay as calm as possible. “You may want to experiment by resting your elbow on a bench for support. Just make sure it doesn’t limit how much movement you can get from the exercise.”

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Wrist roll

This “old school” exercise is simple: attach a weighted band or chain to a bar and roll the bar in place by pulling it with your hands. Using a barbell attached to a rack provides stability and minimizes upper body fatigue during this movement.

“The reason I like these so much is because they emphasize the wrist extensors, which tend to be under-exercised,” says Teo. “The forearm flexors receive a lot of isometric or static contraction stimulus, as well as actual strained movement from an active range of motion … The extensors receive very little direct stimulation, so I think it’s worth adding extra volume here.”

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