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18 exercises before and after the flight Coach swear

Air travel is a modern wonder that allows us to do great things that were previously unfathomable. As in NYC wake up at 6 clock in the morning. and be on the beach in Miami before noon. In spite of all the splendor the flying sucks . I probably fly five or six times a year, and I have never strayed from a flight and thought, Wow, that was convenient! Her flight experiences are probably the same as mine: cramped and uncomfortable, with neck pain and numbness

. What I found that helps alleviate this a bit? I move shortly before and after my flight. Now I do not talk about full training. On the one hand I belong to the camp, which is in a hurry to get to the airport as late as possible (I often stand in the security department when my flight goes on board). I can not imagine a scenario in which I would have time to complete a full training before going to the airport. Also, sitting hard for hours before sitting down for hours is not a good idea, says Albert Matheny, MS, RD, CSCS, co-founder of SoHo Strength Lab and nutritionist at Promix Nutrition. "Do something that gets you moving," he suggests. Airplanes are not a place to relax. "

There are a few reasons for this, but the most important one is that blood flow after a hard workout is important to provide the muscles with the nutrients they need to self-repair and rinse off various waste products as a by-product of sports arise. Sitting long immediately after a hard workout reduces blood flow and can slow recovery slightly, Matheny says. Combined with altitude, dry air (Hello, Dehydration ), and the increased stress that many of us feel when flying, we have a below-average recreational environment and are more likely to feel stiffer and sore, Matheny adds.

This brings us to your best pre-flight option: light stretching and bodyweight exercises . "One of the best things you can do before a flight is to open your body and make your blood flow," says Matthew Kite, C.S.C.S., Education Director of D1 Training versus SELF. In particular, "mobilizing your hips and lower back in the morning or just before the flight helps to avoid the pain and stiffness caused by flights." In airplanes, she does not do well because she is not used to sitting down so long. "My spine is blocked and I have a lot of back pain from tight hips." For this reason, she focuses on working with the spine and hip mobility before and after the flight . " Yoga is a must."

The key, any expert I spoke with, is to make a slight movement, if you can, before and after the flight. "I firmly believe that somehow moves after flying," says Ava Fagin certified personal trainer and fitness trainer at BodySpace Fitness in NYC. "I'm not picky about what kind of movement that is, but I recently started running short after a flight to make the blood flow and it feels amazing!" (Before flying, she suggests preparing to hydrate for the dry aircraft air in preparation.)

Here, Vesco, Fagin, and other trainers share their post-flight and post-flight exercises to ward off pain during an exhausting sit-in marathon during the flight.

You will see below that some of the moves contain a proposal for the fore or aft flight, but others do not. While some of the coaches I've talked to do not differentiate between what they like before and after. They said that they do the same things both before and after flying. You should choose from this list which movements you want to perform, if you want, based on what feels best for your body. There is really no right or wrong way!

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