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18 easy-to-create recipes ready in 10 minutes or less

Cream cheese and crackers. Yogurt and fruit. Hard boiled eggs. Jerky. While these suggestions for healthy snacks are great, most don't consider those of us who don't do the whole thing with animal products.

But it's anything but slim when it comes to vegan snacks. We are here to get you out of your hummus and carrot routine with vegan recipes that take less than 10 minutes to put together.

Because really, if this crash in the morning, the break-in in the afternoon or the pain after dinner hits, who wants to wait longer?

. Tropical Cashew No Bake Snack Bars

In just 10 minutes you can satisfy your nibbles and feel like you are on a beach vacation. Packed inside with coconut and dried pineapple and topped with a lime-coconut glaze, it is basically piña coladas on a plate.

2. Watermelon Pizza

This pretty cake is a healthier version of the dessert pizza and replaces both the crust and the toppings with fruit. She exchanges dairy products for coconut yogurt. Even if you polish the whole thing off, you still have room for dinner.

3. Panfried cinnamon bananas

A banana alone provides a great energy peak, but why not spice it up a bit, especially when it only takes 5 extra minutes?

Sprinkle your slices with cinnamon sugar (or use coconut sugar if available in your pantry) and cook them in the pan until they're sticky and warm. The snack time became a special AF.

4. Peanut Butter Jelly Apple Nachos

Whether you are looking for a grain-free alternative to a PB&J sandwich or a sweet substitute for french fries, these "nachos" are just the thing.

Apples offer a nice fiber base, while the drizzle of peanut butter and jelly is not even comparable to the processed cheese in a can.

5. Pumpkin pie pops

Yes, pumpkin is on this list because, little known, it is actually considered a fruit! Who knew?

And before you dismiss cake pops as a dessert, not a snack, read this recipe. These butter-free butter products made from grain-free coconut flour and pumpkin puree offer a healthy snack option that you can use to eat your cake.

6. Light vegan pistachio muesli

It may be muesli, but this special recipe is anything but easy. Not only does it take a fraction of the time in the oven than most muesli recipes, it also opts for less-used pistachios instead of the usual almonds or walnuts for a splash of color.

7. Turmeric Snacks

Date and nut balls are staple foods in the world of healthy snacks, but a decent pinch of turmeric makes them particularly helpful in the anti-inflammatory department. Kocaadam B, et al. (2017). Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric (Curcuma longa), and its health effects. DOI: 10.1080 / 10408398.2015.1077195

You won't really notice, however, because the large tablespoon of cocoa powder ensures that you only taste chocolate.

Pro-Tip ]: It is not included in this recipe, but it is a good idea to add a pinch of black pepper to the mixture. The piperine in pepper increases the bioavailability of the curcumin active ingredient curcumin by 20 times, to be exact. Patil VM, et al. (2016). Quantum chemical and docking insights into the improvement of the bioavailability of curcumin by piperine in pepper. DOI: 10.1021 / acs.jpca.6b01434

Research shows that you need 1/10 teaspoon of pepper for each teaspoon of turmeric. Shoba G, et al. (1998). Influence of piperine on the pharmacokinetics of curcumin in animals and volunteers. DOI: 10.1055 / s-2006-957450 In this case a pinch (or about 1/8 teaspoon) should be fine.

8. Honey-almond popcorn

Forget the butter-soaked buckets in the theater or the super processed things at the fair. With a few tablespoons of sweetness (use maple syrup if honey isn't in your diet) and light and tasty coconut oil, this sweet and sour batch is as tasty as kettle corn, but better for you.

9. Snacks with Salted Almonds and Honey

As an alternative to cookies, try these bite-free bites, in which almonds and almond butter are packaged in healthy fats to make them very satisfactory.

Note that the dark chocolate drizzles top adds some time to the recipe, but like most things with chocolate, it's definitely worth it. Swap maple syrup for honey if you are strictly vegan.

10. Healthy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Not only does this recipe take 5 minutes to satisfy your craving for cookies, it also uses one of our favorite legumes, chickpeas, instead of flour for a protein boost.

Use only milk-free dark chocolate chips to make it vegan. Bonus: You don't have to worry about Salmonella as this cookie dough is egg free.

11. Mediterranean Wind Turbines

Unlike traditional wind turbines filled with cream cheese, these milk-free spirals are foamed with a Tahini-based spread before they are rolled up for a quick and easy snack with vegetables.

These go well with artichokes, tomatoes and olives to preserve the Mediterranean atmosphere. However, you can also use any vegetables you have.

12. Avocado and Tomato Bruschetta

Okay, okay, we know that tomatoes and avocados are technically fruits, but they are on the list of vegetarian snacks due to their hearty Mediterranean atmosphere.

Stacked high with creamy avocado, juicy cherry tomatoes and the brightness This bruschetta-free bruschetta made from fresh basil is about creating summer feelings for the snack, regardless of the season.

13. Japanese style rice cake with avocado

Rice cakes are not tasteless diet foods, but can be fantastic tools for creative, satisfying toppings. Take this recipe for example: the combination of avocado, sriracha, nori and spices makes a snack that is anything but boring.

14. Vegan Nacho Cheese

Yes, you read that correctly. And although you may be tempted to eat it with a spoon, this cheese-free "cheese" dip is not a good snack on its own.

Open it in 5 minutes and chop with another 2 vegetables or french fries for a restaurant-quality snack that comes together in less than 10 minutes.

15. Simple vegan hummus quesadillas

If you are looking for something savory, just nuts or fruit, these quesadillas are just the ticket.

Hummus stands for cheese and additional vegetables that increase the fiber quotient. A fantastic balance of protein, healthy carbohydrates and products to keep you going until your next meal.

16. Simple Microwave Potato Chips

Making potato chips from scratch is practically as easy as opening a bag of Lay & # 39; s, not to mention that they are less processed and not fried.

It's also cool to see them change from raw slices to crispy chips after just a few minutes in the microwave. Top with some sea salt and let's go.

17th 10 Minute Marinated Mushroom

Mushrooms may not be your automatic first choice when it comes to snacks, but that's only because you haven't tried them yet.

After just 10 minutes of soaking in the slightly sweet, slightly spicy marinade, they give you something to nibble that explodes with taste without ruining your appetite.

18th Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

We know we said we'd get you out of a hummus rut, but we've changed our minds. It's worth it, trust us.

This recipe makes the cut based on a key ingredient: oil-packed, sun-dried tomatoes. It's just an additional item and doesn't take any extra time, but the extra sharpness makes a big difference.

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