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18 Best Pantry Staples

Everyone who has ever cooked regularly for a certain period knows the following emergency situation.

It is 4:00 p.m. You haven't been shopping for at least a week. You have not defrosted any meat or fish from the freezer. You have very little fresh food, except maybe the slimy residue of a bag of vegetables that you probably shouldn't be eating unless you want to have intestinal effects. You start to go hungry. And when you have to feed a family, they too can begin to feel their stomach growling.

At this point you can order the delivery. However, this is associated with the hangover – a bitter cocktail that makes you feel greasy, broke and underwhelmed.

Or you can cook with a few pantry staples that you probably have on hand.

During the first option ] seems to be the simplest option, it really isn't. You can have a better meal faster by simply combining some ingredients in your pantry. And the food you conjure up will probably be better for you too.

Imagine yourself as a kitchen MacGyver armed with a few tools and facing a Herculean challenge. If you have your mind, you can put together a pantry meal without everyone exploding (figuratively, of course).

The following 1

8 pantry recipes are simple, healthy, tasty, and versatile. They will make cooking at home something to look forward to.

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