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16 mocktails that are perfect for the holidays

It is not uncommon to find loud offerings at Christmas festivities, but it is unusual to find alcohol-free alternatives. When things like rum-dangling eggnog and hot mulled wine are cooked, mocktails (which are fake cocktails, if you ask yourself) tend to be on the go drinks, the holidays take a long time, and there's just so much alcohol with me before I wish I had other options. When I want to take a break, non-alcoholic alternatives usually get in the way of soda and water. These are not really festive if you ask me.

If you have a Holiday Party this year, you should serve some of these 16 delicious and creative mocktails. They contain all the seasonal classics you know and love, such as hot todys, butter rum and cider, of course, without alcohol. They are perfect for all guests who for some reason can not drink, as well as for those who just need a break from all the drinking that goes with the holiday. Not to mention that they can all be easily moved. If you want, you do not even have to serve cocktails with alcohol. Just drop these bad guys along with a few bottles of schnapps and let your guests do the bartending themselves.

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