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15 homemade versions of your favorite food

Every now and then I have a great desire for SpaghettiOs. They are not exactly a delicacy, but they were often a source of comfort to me as a child and they can still be when the going gets tough. The thing is, if I dig a bowl with them these days, I find that they are never as satisfying as I remember. The canned stuff while it's still warm and cozy (and a quick, affordable meal that I now cherish as an adult) is relatively tasteless and is best treated with a handful of Parmesan and a pinch of olive oil . It may have been the tastiest dish in the world for my 8 year old self, but just is not enough to delight my taste buds on its own.

But SpaghettiOs and most of my childhood favorites have absolutely the potential for greatness, which is why I started making my own homemade versions of these well-known comfort foods. With just a few herbs and vegetables, this bowl of O-shaped pasta and tomato sauce is upgraded from an afternoon treat to a fancy pasta dinner. Other nostalgic favorites such as grilled cheese, bagel bites and chicken tender can also benefit from similar simple improvements. Anyone who says that these things are just on the kids menu card is a mistake.

The 15 recipes below will take you back to your youth. Enjoy PB and J sandwiches with some melted Brie or Old Bay spice to create homemade fish fingers to add flavor to your meal. You'll also find that DIY versions of on-highway staples, such as Pop Tarts and Hot Pockets, are really great ideas for preparing meals .

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