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15 fitness must-haves, to which outsiders swear

Until recently, oversized women had to be content with fitness products and clothing that were not really designed for our bodies. If you are part of this population, do you know what I'm talking about, right?

For a long time, we were content with oversized T-shirts and bad-fitting bras we were not meant to be fit for fitness, and if you were lucky enough to find activewear, it was usually made from cotton and resembled it Lounge Wear. The athletic plus-size woman was not taken seriously and that, my friends, was a financial mistake.

With the rise of body-positive movement and brands now recognizing the massive purchasing power of the plus-size market, services and products have become increasingly available, eliminating one of many barriers to fitness. It has become clear that over-sized women work out, look great, and want to feel comfortable in their active clothing and spend money on the clothes we can do it all with. With that, the sportive culture starts to grow into outsize and women like me and the customers I train get the equipment we want. Here is my summary of the sports products that I or someone I train and trust, absolutely swear. (Most of these products are personally recommended by you, others by members of my Big Fit Girl Facebook group or colleagues from the plus-size fitness community, and they must not be missed.) [1

9659004] I hope this List brings you one step closer to the life of your athletic dreams in the body you just have!

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