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13-sheet pan-dinner recipes that cost less than $ 2 per serving

Table Pan Dinners are known for their convenience, but they are not so well known for how inexpensive they can be. If you are not familiar with the concept of the table pan, these are simply meals in which you fry all the ingredients in the oven at the same time in a pan – a great advantage if you are not a fan of dish washing (and if you are, Please take this as an open invitation to my home.)

Since they are often reliant on ingredients such as frozen vegetables, starches like potatoes and vegetarian protein such as tofu, even tin bowls are reasonably priced. Basically, they make your life a little easier while cutting costs in the kitchen.

These 13 recipes are great examples of inexpensive tin pans, as none of them cost more than $ 2 per serving . Most of these recipes bring about four to six servings per pop, which can be great, whether you are cooking for one or a crowd. Things like parmesan chicken and broccoli, chicken-fried rice and spicy tofu and green beans are just a few of the dishes that make up great scraps of food.

Whatever you want, it's certainly something to recommend for your Weekly Dinner menu or Sunday meal preparation plan .

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