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13 packaged snacks Registered dieticians swear

As a licensed dietician and food blogger I cook a lot. But most of all, after you become a mother, it's more than just the main course snacks. Even as I prepare for the week of food, there are still a few days left to travel, and I just do not have time to pack my own food to eat on the way. So yes, I also turn to packaged snacks bought . But I'm here to tell you that not everything you want to buy is the sodium-packed and nutrition-free stuff we're afraid of. The good news is that there are some really great options on the market that I and other dieticians like.

I turned to my dietician colleagues to ask them what the most packed snack with nutrients is] All in summary is something I would recommend to my clients or serve my family. They are all nutritious and practical, have minimal, well-known ingredients and can be found either online or at most grocery stores . Finally, I've added sweet and savory options, so there's something for everyone.

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