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13 face mask chains and accessories that actually look cute

One of the most annoying things about wearing a cloth mask is how often I put it on and off without being able to take it off comfortably. Whether I want fresh air or a quick drink, I hold the sweaty mask in my hand, let it dangle from one ear or – more often – throw it near or in my pocket, which undoubtedly contaminates everything. For a while I used string to secure the mask around my head, but the constant tying back and transferring between masks was a problem, and ultimately I didn’t wear my masks as often as I’d imagined. Fortunately, I found the perfect solution to my problems: face mask chains.

I bought this stylish gold chain and my god where was this whole pandemic? This groundbreaking invention looks like a necklace and works like a glasses chain (and as a bonus, most actually transform into a necklace or glasses chain). There are a number of options, from elegant metal and pearl necklaces to washable fabric ribbons. You can also find a variety of fasteners including fasteners, clips, and snaps. Slip each end around your mask loops, and voila, your mask rests on your chest like sunglasses. No more worrying about where to put it.

This chain makes my life a lot easier and gives my outfits a little flair. Now that my mask is attached to my body, I wear it more and touch it less ̵

1; a benefit for all of us. Below we’ve rounded up a selection of cute mask chains in different styles so you can find your own.

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