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13 Best Fat Burning Exercises For Workout And Exercise

Everyone has a different reason to exercise. Some want to meet performance goals, others want to build enough muscle to make their shirt sleeves bulge. But at some level, almost everyone works out to be healthier – and that means they work up a sweat and burn fat.

You should be looking at more than just aesthetics as you set out to shed body fat. Healthy people come in all shapes and sizes, but not all fat is created equal. If you Carry more fat in your bellyYou may be at greater risk than others for dangerous health conditions. That’s because belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is a metabolically active tissue that can harm your body. Getting rid of that is more than just a vanity project. So you have to work with the right steps.

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Likewise, not all fat burning workouts are created equal. When many coaches think of exercises to burn fat, they usually focus on intense metabolic movements – think high-energy movements like burpees, slams, battle ropes, and the like. That is not necessarily wrong. But there are other exercises that can work as well. Heavy multi-joint movements like squats and deadlifts challenge multiple muscle groups, which will help you build more muscle and use more energy and burn fat.

Add these fat burning exercises to your workout plan to find the right way out. Remember, you cannot overwork a poor diet and you will have trouble burning fat if you are not in a calorie deficit –So focus on improving your kitchen habits, also.

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The best exercises for burning fat


Burpees are the classic fat burner for trainers and almost a rite of passage for almost everyone who wants to work up a sweat. You will fall to the floor, push back up and jump one rep, then continue working.

Just make sure you don’t overdo burpees. At the beginning, stick to sets of 10 at most. If you’re having upper body issues, try these scaled variations.

Jump rope

If you think skipping ropes are only for kids in the playground, you don’t know how to skip. The most basic piece of equipment in the gym gives you a full body workout with a ton of fat burning potential.

Start by perfecting your form for speed skipping for short periods of time, two minutes at most. Once you master the basics, a whole world of skipping rope movements and workouts is yours. Try out some HIIT (High Intensity Interval) routines with the rope and get even more benefits from torching.

With ball slams

Med ball slams are the perfect exercise for your worst days.

You’re not just burning fat here – by hitting the ball into the ground as hard as you can, burn off stress, anger, boredom or whatever is bothering you.

Using your entire body in the movement, lift the ball over your head and step on your toes, then hit it back down with your core, hips, and arms. Catch the ball as it bounces back towards your chest and repeat the process.

Just make sure to keep your body under control as you don’t have to make your day worse with bad shape.

Back to the crouch

Heavily loaded squats are a cornerstone of strength training for one reason: There are few more reliable ways to build lower body strength. The compound exercise is also a fat burner because you use several key muscle groups and use a lot of energy to move the weight.

Make sure to stay smart when you crouch. For maximum fat burning potential, use proper form by engaging your core, reaching a depth suitable for your own mobility (parallel or just below), and slowly working through each rep.

Snatch dumbbell

Reduce technically challenging Olympic lifts to dumbbell movements like snapping to challenge your coordination, build strength and, of course, burn fat. They will also improve blast and athleticism while protecting your shoulders.

The name of the game here is the triple stretch – the act of stretching and straightening your ankles, knees, and hips. Focus on the three parts of the exercise: pull the weight off the floor, explode through your hips to lift it, hit the dumbbell over your head and land under it.


Another big, bad, heavy lift that doubles as a fat burner is the deadlift. The multi-joint exercise involves the entire body, especially the back chain and lower body, and the effort required to remove the weight from the floor starts the metabolism.

The deadlift is most beneficial when done properly with the heavy loads. This means that you are activating your core to stabilize your spine. You use your glutes and hamstrings to take the weight off the floor, and you move slowly and deliberately through each rep.

Kettlebell Swing

Swinging is a super versatile exercise that can result in decreased height and strength while burning fat. The key is using your hips to control the movements – your arms are only there to hold the grip of the weight.

Make sure you are still in the correct position while swinging. You shouldn’t squat and add weight; Instead, keep your knees slightly bent, pivot them at your hips, and keep your head in a neutral position to keep your spine properly aligned.

Pawn carry

Loaded tote bags are so simple that exercise seems too obvious to be an effective fat burner – but anyone who’s been forced to carry a set of dumbbells or even a heavy load of groceries for a long walk can attest to how fast the weight is becomes a burden.

Posture is key here – hold your grips tight, grasp your glutes and core, pull your rib cage in, keep your gaze forward, and make sure your shoulders do not sag forward as you step.

Battle ropes

Battle ropes are a piece of equipment that has become notorious thanks to the intense workouts for which they are widely used. The routines ask you to use your entire body swinging, popping, and shaking the equipment as you crouch, plunge, and jump. So you will increase your heart rate and burn fat.


Crawls are another simple, deceptive way of increasing your strength, mobility, and athleticism while burning fat. The movements are so effective because they involve your whole body.

Like some of the other exercises on this list, crawls are only truly effective when your spine is in a safe, neutral position. Focus on strengthening your core and moving with a specific goal in mind – a bear crawl should never be a mindless gallop for speed if you really want to take advantage of the benefits.

Walking lungs

The lunge is a gold standard leg exercise that challenges you one-sidedly – you work almost every muscle in your leg, and once you run, your heart rate increases too.

Make posture a priority when you fail, especially if you are weight-bearing the exercise. You’ll get more out of the movement by locking your core into place, holding your chest up, and looking forward and moving into the next step. If you’re short on space, try alternating lunges.

Dumbbell thruster

Barbell engines are a CrossFit staple for challenging WODs. However, you can also use dumbbells to make the exercise work for your fat burning goals.

The move consists of several components. So make sure you are doing everything right. They essentially combine a front squat with a printing press. For best results, emphasize the depth of the crouch, then explode to drive through the top of the press.


This exercise should be familiar to anyone who has attended a HIIT class for good reason. Mountain climbers are a solid way to get your heart rate up while improving your abs and exercising.

Keep your posture up to date to get the most out of the climber. Think about the plank position, which is just as important as the knee drive – that means you are pushing your abs and glutes even as you are pumping away with your legs.

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