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12 keto foods that are not as low in carbohydrates as you think

So you've decided to tackle the keto diet in the long run. You may have noticed that everything went well in the first few weeks, but then the weight loss slowed down. The worst, right? While the initial weight loss (and the new eating habits) result in a significant drop in pounds, it is common to reach a plateau. While this can mean a lot of things (and we'll save that for another time), an offender could eat more carbohydrates than you think. Let's be honest: Keeping 25 grams of carbohydrates a day is remarkably difficult, especially if keto-friendly foods may pack more carbohydrates than you expect.

Foods that most people call fairly low carb often are not. A low carbohydrate content is enough to stay in the ketosis, and consumption in moderate portions can lead you beyond the carbohydrate edge. To help you maintain the course, we've put together some of the allegedly low-carbohydrate foods that may be packaged more than you think, killing you unintentionally without your noticing it.

. 1
Simple yogurt

The really good news: you can eat dairy products on the keto diet! Of course, a cup of yogurt can be much better than the sweet or fruit variety and can contain about 10 grams of carbs. If you prefer not to consume half the carbohydrates of your day at breakfast, limit your portions to half a cup each and choose the absolute highest amount of fat you can find. Normally, the higher fat content helps to further extend the carbohydrate budget. Blueberries

Although it's no secret that fruit can be a major source of carbohydrate, many keto dieters rely on berries (which are lower in carbohydrate spectrum) to add some sweetness to their routine. But be warned: a cup of blueberries contains about 21 grams of carbs. If you do not just want to eat 4 more carbohydrates that day (ie you are very disciplined), it can be easy to beat your goal. Stick to a few berries to make a sweet tooth happy.

. 3 Tomato Sauce

Do you think your Zoodles with Tomato Bolognese is 100 percent keto-friendly? The answer is in the stars … oops, we mean glass. It's all about the sauce. Even if you use a tomato sauce with no added sugar, a cup of tomato sauce can still throw you back 10 to 15 grams of carbohydrates. For a particularly low carbohydrate version, we recommend sautéing some cherry tomatoes in a generous cast of olive oil and seasoning garlic, herbs and cheese instead.

. 4 BBQ sauce and other spices

Ribs, pulled pork, and other fatty meats are no stranger to a keto-eater. The problem is, if the meat lacks the flavor and the first thing you achieve is BBQ sauce, you could add unnecessary carbohydrates. A lean tablespoon can reset 7 grams (you can blame tomatoes and often add sugar). Stay with a Chimichurri on oil and herbal base, if you need some flavor enhancement.

. 5 Kombucha

If you want to slow down while enjoying keto and still want something bubbly and refreshing, Kombucha is the next best thing you can achieve (because you already know that soda is a no-no). But chugging too much trendy, probiotic-rich kombucha could bring your counter up. A 12- to 16-ounce bottle can vary between 5 and 25 grams of carbs. Be sure to read the label of your favorite brand.

. 6 Cashews

Whaaaa? If you can not boost the nuts during the keto, what can you eat ? Not all nuts are the same when it comes to carbohydrates, and cashews usually have the most. With about 9 grams per 1/4 cup, if you eat all day with a few small handfuls of snacks, you'll quickly become your contingent. Would you like to have your mother repaired without the carbohydrates? Take pecans, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts.

. 7 Chia Seeds

How good is chia pudding? We love Chia for its filling combination of fiber, protein and fat, but you may be surprised to know that only 2 tablespoons can add 12 grams of carbs to your snack. If you're looking for something that will make your meal more "Instagram-worthy," hemp hearts with just 2 grams of carbohydrates at the same serving size will offer the same benefits.

. 8 Italian sausage

Sausage is often a keto staple due to its relatively higher fat-to-protein ratio. However, be careful that some options purchased in the trade are often flavored with added sugars. Only two medium-heavy compounds add 7 grams of carbohydrates that can secretly drain off your carbohydrate budget throughout the day. Be sure to read the label and ingredients and look for options with no added sugar.

. 9 Jerky

Yes, it is meat and therefore seems to be a real keto snack, but most brands are marinated in a sugary seasoning mix. An ounce of jerking can contain 5-10 grams of carbohydrates – eat the whole pack, and you are fast beyond your daily limit. Our tip Make your own jerky or hot peppers with pieces of high-fat meat and avoid sweet ingredients or spices.

10th Taco Seasoning

Salad Cup tacos laden with sour cream and cheese are a keto special on Tuesday night, but some spice blends add 4 grams of carbohydrates for every two teaspoons of spice! Skip the packaged stuff and add your own combination of chili, cumin, lime and salt for a light, aromatic meal.

. 11 Salad Dressings

Just because it is rich in oils and a bowl covered with vegetables does not mean that your dressings are completely carbon-free. Some salad dressings can contain 10 grams of carbs in just two tablespoons, which can easily add up throughout the day. Stick with a simple oil and some vinegar to keep the sugar additives at bay.

12th Pumpkin Seeds

Crispy and salty, pumpkin seeds may seem like a low-carb crouton to nature. However, be aware of your portion size when you reach for this snack. Half a cup of pumpkin seeds can be loaded with 17 grams of carbohydrates, which keto allows them to enjoy in moderation.

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