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12 Best Henley Shirts for Men 2020

Would you like to upgrade beyond your basic t-shirt? A Henley highlights your typical t-shirt with its distinctive buttons that add a detail while offering a comfortable, effortless style.

Henleys usually have 2-5 buttons, can be delivered in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved styles and are collarless. Nowadays there is such a large selection of Henley shirts that offer comfort with excellent function with sweat-wicking and stretch technology. You can even purchase a sun-washed option for a homely look without having to look for a vintage Henley in your local consignment store.

What makes a Henley this unique shirt is the way the buttons form a flattering element that is built in. You have trained hard and a Henley is the perfect shirt to show your chest and arms in one. In order for a Henley to have the best fit, find one that glides close to your body but does not cling to your midsection. The fabric will hug your shoulders, arms and pectoral muscles, but will be a little more forgiving on your abdomen after a meal on the day of cheating.

As can be seen on our youngest cover star Henry Cavill, the Henley takes a typical T-shirt and cuts a good figure.

Available in a variety of fabrics, from light for warmer weather days to heavy options for the cooler months. No matter what time of year, these 1

2 Henley shirts fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, whether you put them under your favorite jacket or just wear them alone.

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