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11 treatments for dry hands

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If you're dealing with chronically dry, cracked hands, you may have exchanged your gloves for cacti. (I mean, who wants to get five, shake hands, or make finger pistols with cactus hands? It's just not the same.)

The skin on our hands (except our palms, which are actually quite thick) is a lot thinner than that Most other body parts, which means that they contain less moisture and natural oils.

Our hands are also exposed to our direct means of interacting with the world and many irritants. It's basically a recipe for dryness and damage if you do not take proper care of your five-fingered friends.

Since no one should have cactus for the hands, we pretty much broke down everything you need to know when it comes to reviving those dry paws.

All these tips can be added very quickly and easily to your life. So read and do it so :

As a rule of thumb, take the heavy hand creams or ointments. "[These] Seal the skin to heal cracks and prevent fluid loss," says dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital. Bag Balm, a cult favorite ointment that was originally developed to heal the cracks in the cows' udders. If you need help choosing a moisturizer, start here. Of course, there are also pure Vaseline or hypoallergenic substances like Vanicream.

Once you've found a product that matches your skin, you need to moisturize it every day several times a day, says Jacqueline Andrews-Evans, a medical assistant on the Advanced Dermatology PC.

It is especially important to moisturize after washing your hands. A daily routine prevents dry skin from returning and keeps your hands happy.

There is nothing better than to find a cream that works, as really works . To make sure you find your match, look for hyaluronic acid, glycerol, or ceramides in the ingredient list.

"Humectants such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin act like sponges that moisturise the outer skin layer," says Zeichner.

] Ceramides are the best choice for a super-healing effect. "They are like mortar between your skin cell tiles," he says. "They seal cracks in the outer skin layer to prevent loss of moisture and minimize harmful environmental effects."

For the same parts of skin healing and skin protection you should use the CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream -On (heh), there are many simple recipes you can use to revitalize your skin. Draftsman likes this blend of three ingredients: colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and sunflower seed oil.

Colloidal oatmeal oil has long been considered anti-inflammatory. "It's an excellent skin protection," says Zeichner. "It contains sugar that envelops the skin, as well as antioxidants, so-called Avenanthremide, which relieve inflammation."

Shea butter is a rich, supple oil that softens and smoothes rough cells on the skin surface.

Sunflower seed oil is filled with linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid to maintain the skin's barrier against water loss. It also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Mix them all together and you have a seriously soothing formula.

Applying a moisturizing product immediately after showering is important to trap moisture. Why? Well, shower cleaners can not only be hard on the skin, but hot water can also be harmful.

To avoid the loss of essential oils, try to keep the showers short and sweet and avoid super hot water. Then towel dry and brush with a nourishing cream. Make sure you instantly moisturize these hands!

As important as it is to cleanse the skin, negligent treatment causes harmful side effects. "You want to wash the skin without compromising the integrity of the skin barrier," explains Zeichner.

He suggests looking for soft cleansers that promote moisture. His top choice is an affordable favorite: Dove Unscented Beauty Bar. "My favorite all-round cleanser, this bar can be applied to your face or body, moisturizing your skin during washing."

Dry hands are prone to cracking and chipping, which can cause you to seize after exfoliation.

"Strong peels or chemical peels can do more harm than good," explains Zeichner. Instead of a good polish your skin really needs moisture.

This may conflict, considering that many experts recommend exfoliation for deeper and long-term moisturization. However, if you already have problems with dry skin, you should skip this step before the lotion.

As draftsman puts it: "Exfoliation can cause more damage to the outer layer of the skin and lead to further fluid loss."

Today, almost every body part has masks – face, legs, lips, boobs, butt! – So, remember to take some time to mask these hands.

Just as a leaf mask works for your face, a hand mask coats your skin with the moisturizing properties of a topical product. It may seem unclean but is actually cleaner than some lotion options available on the market.

Try an Aveeno hand mask that contains soothing colloidal oatmeal even for the most sensitive skin types. Watch a movie and let your hands soak up the wetness. After 10 minutes, throw the masks and enjoy happy, revived hands.

Apply a thick layer of Vaseline for your own temporary hand mask and put on a pair of gloves before bedtime.

Although not necessarily moisturizing, they hold the vaseline in place for nocturnal absorption. This and they will also prevent your bed from becoming a vaseline-covered crime scene.

This option is not only for budget-conscious individuals, but also for the colder (and drier) months when your hands need something serious therapy.

This is a great alternative to fighting the brutal dry air when it's cold outside.

Humidifiers moisturize the air, preventing H 2 O from being pulled out of the skin while providing the much-needed moisture from head to toe. After all, there is no better time to moisturize than when you sleep and your skin is in full repair mode.

Although we do not really think about it, our hands are just as exposed to the sun as your face. However, face sunscreens are a high priority for many. Why not hands? The use of a cream with SPF 40 can help to treat many problems such as sun spots, skin damage and dryness.

Keep your hands young and feel great with the Supergoop Forever Young Hand Cream.

Over-the-counter (OTC) hydrocortisone is quite weak and can not do much for your hands. If your hands are badly dry, your doctor may recommend the use of prescription steroids along with good skincare to quickly soothe inflammation.


We do not ask you to be rude, but unfortunately you overwash your hands can severely damage your skin. If you wipe away these natural oils, your hands will remain free, inflamed and dry.

The use of a mild detergent is one way to counteract this. You should also moisturize after every wash.


"Due to genetics, some people have a weaker skin barrier and are more prone to skin dryness and dandruff," says Zeichner.

Although there is no way to directly prevent something that you were born with, you can always stay up to date with good skin care habits. Your dermatologist can also recommend a treatment plan to keep your hands supple and hydrated.

Your work

Some work requires working with harsh chemicals that are drying and irritating. These include hairdressers, health professionals, restaurant staff, caretakers and many more. If this applies to you, try to wear protective gloves while working.

They live in the shower

As mentioned above, long hot showers are not an antidote to healthy skin. We can not stop you from enjoying an extra-long shower on a cold day (we're not monsters …), but you may try lowering the temperature of volcanic lava to a hot tub.

Usually try to shorten your shower time a day. It may not be the luxury of your dreams, but your skin (and the planet) will be much happier.

While some cases of dryness may be minimal and simply uncomfortable, others are more serious and require a doctor. How do you know when your case has become so severe?

According to the draftsman, it's time to seek professional help if OTC treatments do nothing to combat your dry-onset symptoms – ie, cracks, fissures, severe itching or rash.

Even if you notice blisters, skin discoloration, bleeding, extreme redness, or swelling, these are signs of a doctor's visit.

In addition, there are some skin conditions that can disguise as dry hands, such as a fungal infection known as tinea manuum. That's why it's important to talk to a dermatologist.

Give your dry hands, regardless of the cause, extra love and attention, and keep your doctor up to date You will see in a short time a healthy, hydrated skin.

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