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11 holiday recipes so good that our editors do them every year

This is the season for sparkling lights, evergreen everything and some of the best dining options you'll have all year round. You must admit, one of the special aspects of the holiday season is spending time in the kitchen and doing something good with family and friends. There are few things that compare to the cherished memories associated with the foods we share at this time of the year (oh, and wine).

And like a weathered index card, where grandma's handwriting stands, we hold our hearts firmly to holiday recipes. But it's also the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, which has the potential to become your next annual tradition.

Need some inspiration? Look no further than this list of our ever popular holiday recipes, which (in our humble opinion) has absolutely earned a seat at your table this year.

It has not been a year since I found this recipe that I have not baked for at least two holiday gatherings. The list of ingredients makes the process look a lot more complicated than it actually is-it's a pretty simple baking, and it gets even easier if you choose a frozen cake crust that's homemade (although this is a fair warning, it's less delicious). This will fill your pecan pie for much less money and less effort, and if you ask me it tastes much better anyway. If you want to eat a cake-shaped oatcakes, this is your recipe. ̵

1; Caroline Olney, Platform Editor

These are my absolute favorite garlic mashed potatoes with garlic and garlic. To be honest, this recipe does not sound like a downgrade to the classic butter-and-cream version I grew up with – I really appreciate the taste of this Greek yogurt version even more (though I use 2 percent Greek yogurt instead of skim milk and litter) a handful of rosemary). It's a small tart, great garlic-y, and has this umami bomb, creamy mouthfeel. Love. – Jess Novak, senior lifestyle and beauty editor

Buckeyes are a classic from Ohio. You take a PB mix and dip it in chocolate so that it resembles a Rosskastennuss (from the shocker, the tree of the same name). There's virtually no nutritional value (protein maybe? Love?), But it's one of those regional foods that's essential in any Ohio dessert program – along with cornflake Christmas wreaths and, quite frankly, ranch dressing. – Ashley Sepanski, Editor of Brand Content

I grew up in a mixed family (my dad is white and my mother is Chinese), so our holiday gatherings always included a healthy mix of traditional food and fresh-prepared foods. Uncle's Restaurant in Oakland Chinatown. This classic Chinese recipe for sticky rice brings me straight to the rowdy dinners with the extended family and makes me feel at home again. Take a trip to the Asian market and get Chinese sausage (in Cantonese "Lap Cheong") to ensure the authentic taste of the dish, but do not be afraid to alter other parts of the recipe – two types of soy sauce order To keep it simple, I use chicken thighs instead of dried shrimp. – Jenna Haufler, Associate Video Producer

Ottolenghi can not go wrong in my book, and this recipe from him is no exception. The butternut squash roasted in cumin, chili powder, cinnamon and paprika is delicious, but becomes magical when it is sprinkled with Sriracha yoghurt and a coriander garlic sauce. The spicy-cool-garlicky combination is so good that you wonder how you ever served pumpkin (or even fried vegetables) without it. – Jay Blades, Head of Content Development

I realize that Mexican sweet potato hashish is not a dish that comes to mind when you think of the classics of the holidays. But if you had more than turkey / ham / pate / baked brie – and you – then there is nothing more satisfying. It's hearty enough to keep you from fridge raids, but it only takes a little time off the couch. After all, these Hallmark films will not watch themselves. – Lauren Berger DuVilla, Editor-in-Chief

Although brussels sprouts are a fairly polarizing vegetable, it has always been an integral part of my family's meals, especially during the holidays. And while the recipes have evolved over the years, depending on what's in the trend (remember, if pine nuts were in everything?), There was one constant: my mother darkens the Brussels sprouts. This recipe is a delicious way to make it crispy, salty and even a little sweet, so even the most sprout resistant guest can sample it. – Jamey Powell, Associate Fitness Editor

I've come across these bad guys recently, and they have not left my dreams ever since. As the recipe says, these biscuits feel the right way and taste especially wonderfully warmed up. Maybe not the healthiest dessert out there, but nothing says it's Christmas time like marshmallow and peppermint. I've never tried to immerse you in real hot chocolate, but I can imagine how that would work out. – Brandon Doerrer, editorial trainee

I know, I know we all had the Swedish meatballs at IKEA, but most people do not know that they are actually a traditional Scandinavian holiday dish. My mother grew up in Sweden, and while I did not run around on St. Lucia Day with a crown of burning candles on my head, there is still a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner every year. These little bites are really good, and I am usually to blame for eating more than my fair share. They are the ultimate Swedish comfort food, and I can confirm that making them a million times better than having to queue in a furniture store is a million times better. Just take a jar of cranberry jam and you're in business! – Kate Nelson, editorial intern

I'm not sure if my love for vegan desserts started without baking It just does not bother me to turn on the oven if I want something sweet. All I know is that six years ago I started creating these date bars for every holiday event between Thanksgiving and New Year, and they have not misdirected me (or the guests) ever since. With only five ingredients and two twirls in the food processor, you can finish these babies in 30 minutes. To prepare it is the simplest part, but not to eat the whole batch in one session is a real challenge. – Jamie Webber, Editor-in-Chief of Food and Nutrition

Banana bread is definitely my favorite breakfast food, especially on vacation when guests are in town. This wholemeal bread made from honey is my favorite because it chooses a few healthier ingredients than traditional recipes while retaining the sweet fruit taste that all big banana breads have. It's easy to do and people will love it when they hear that it's completely devoid of refined sugar and flour. – Suze Kaufman, Editorial Assistant

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