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11 heart-pounding home trainings for every fitness level

When self-care feels like a tough fight, we are with you. These are unprecedented times. Fortunately, one of the best stress reliever products ever – exercise – is free! All it takes is a bit of motivation (maybe a virtual person in charge?) And a place to work up a sweat (like in your living room!).

From bodyweight training without equipment to challenging kettlebell movements, HIIT workouts, and free streaming classes, you'll find everything you need to set up an exercise program at home.

To avoid overloading your muscles, it is important to start each workout with a warm-up. Use these movements to prepare your body for one of the following workouts in the list.

Do each of these movements for 30 seconds. Complete 3 rounds.


  1. Stand up straight with your legs straight, making sure that your knees are not blocked.
  2. Slowly lower your upper body towards the floor and then go forward with your hands.
  3. Once in one stroke ̵
    1; Take tiny steps in the up position so your feet meet your hands.

Kick your butt

  1. Run in place and kick your heels toward your buttocks.
  2. Make sure that the movement is driven by your hamstrings – not your feet, which stir up dust.

Leap of strength

  1. Stand with your feet apart and a firm core.
  2. Raise your right knee while moving your left arm forward and jumping off your left foot.
  3. Land on the ball of your left foot. then immediately bring your right foot down and repeat on the other side. Focus on height, not speed.

No equipment? No problem. You can do these effective and fun (and difficult!) Arm workouts without a single weight.

Perform the following 4 moves for 1 minute each, followed by a 1 minute break. Aim for 3 laps – but pay attention to how your body feels so you don't push it too far too soon.

Upper cut

  1. Stand in a split position with your right foot 1 step in front of your left foot and your hips squared (facing forward).
  2. Swing your right hand up and left in a shovel motion.
  3. Repeat this quickly on the other side.
  4. Change as quickly as you can while keeping your knees loose and tight core.
  5. Halfway change your stance to the other side.

Push-up of the diver

If you did yoga, you will see that this is like a Chaturanga, but a little faster. [19659026] Start with the dog facing down, hands on the floor, hips up, and feet on the floor, forming a triangle.

  • Dip your head towards the floor in a flowing motion and come to a low push-up position and then swing your chest forward and upward so that you end up in upward-facing dog.
  • From there, push your hips up and back to return to the start.
  • Strike

    1. In the same split posture you used for top cuts, start with your right foot 1 step in front of your left foot .
    2. Raise both fists and keep your elbows pulled towards your chest.
    3. Strike forward with your left hand while turning your upper body slightly.
    4. Beat half your time as quickly as possible.
    5. Change your posture and hit the other side.

    Triceps push-up with mountaineers [19659036] You may want to do this movement on a mat or towel for cushioning.

    1. Start in a high plank position with a solid core.
    2. Lower on both forearms at the same time while maintaining a firm core and level hips.
    3. Simultaneously press your hands again to return to the starting position.
    4. Finally pull your right knee into your chest, then your left knee into your chest and do a mountaineer.

    Make it easier: Turn on one arm at a time, not both arms at the same time. You could also do a push-up on your knees and then raise your knees to do the climber.

    Your glutes are the largest muscle in your body and especially for those of us who sit on our butts for long hours, it is important to pay extra attention to this part of the body.

    After the warm up is complete, do the following steps for one minute each, followed by a few minutes rest. Complete 3 rounds.

    If you don't feel the burning, throw in another 2 rounds.

    Tuck Jump

    1. Stand with your knees slightly bent and jump up, bring your knees to your chest and stretch your arms straight out of your chest.
    2. Forearms if you land lightly on the floor.
    3. Repeat this in quick succession.

    Donkey Kick

    1. Start in a table position with a solid core, shoulders directly above your wrists and hips.
    2. Use your gluteus muscles to stretch your right leg behind you in one kick, making sure that your hips stay straight.
    3. Repeat on the left.

    Leaping Lunge

    Complete a basic lunge before proceeding with this release.

    1. With your right foot in front of your left foot and core, drop firmly into a low lunge and bend both knees 90 degrees.
    2. Jump up and switch your feet in the air so that you land with your left foot in front of your right foot. Immediately drop yourself into a low lunge on the other side.

    Clock Longe

    1. Complete a traditional lunge, then take a big step to the right and plunge again.
    2. Then end the semicircle with a lunge and return to standing. Everything that is 1 repeat.

    Wide mountain

    1. Start in a high plank position with a solid core.
    2. Bring your right foot forward to the outside of your right hand so that you are in a low lunge position.
    3. Jump and change feet in the air so that you land with your left foot on the outside of your left hand and your right foot straight back.
    4. Change as soon as possible.

    Make it easier: Skip the jump! Instead, step back with your right foot and then quickly step forward with your left foot.

    Maintaining a strong core is much more than just looking. It can help prevent back pain and support your body's overall muscle health.

    If you haven't exercised for a while, try doing the following motions for 3 seconds for 30 seconds each, and rest when you feel agitated.

    19659002] If you are an active strain, do each move for 1 minute for 3 rounds.

    Plank lifter

    1. Start in a high plank position with a solid core.
    2. Jump your feet apart and then jump them back together.
    3. Repeat this process as soon as possible while trying to keep your hips straight.


    1. Start in a high plank position with a solid core.
    2. Shift your weight to your left hand and lift your right hand off the floor, turn to the right and kick your left foot to the right.
    3. Tap your left foot with your right hand.
    4. Repeat on the other side and move as quickly as possible.

    Mountaineer rotation

    1. Start in a high plank position with a solid core.
    2. Bring the left knee towards the right elbow and then the right knee towards the left elbow.
    3. Change as quickly as possible without moving your hips.

    Make it easier for yourself: Bring your knees straight towards your chest instead of turning.

    Sprinter sit-up

    Do you want to be a speed demon without getting up from the floor?

    1. Lie with your legs straight and arms open on your sides, elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.
    2. Now sit up and bring your left knee towards your right elbow. Return to the starting position.
    3. Repeat on the other side.


    This classic move is one of the most effective whole body exercises.

    1. Start the floor with your hands in a low squat position.
    2. Jump your feet back so that you are in a push-up position.
    3. Do 1 push-up and then immediately jump your feet back to the squat position.
    4. Jump as high as you can before crouching and returning to the push-up part of the show.

    Would you like to be a Burpee professional? Read our article on perfecting this classic train.

    Let's take a moment to appreciate what all of our legs are doing for us. Let's take this appreciation one step further by taking steps to keep it strong and healthy.

    Perform the following movements for 1 minute each before resting for 1 minute. Complete 3 rounds. If you're still not panting, do another 2 rounds.

    Skipping Rope

    Jump over an invisible rope by staying on your toes and pushing off with the balls of your feet. Make quick, small movements with your wrists as if you were holding a rope.

    Squat Jump

    1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    2. Lower yourself into a chair position and make sure that your upper body remains upright and above your hips.
    3. Press on the ground and jump up.
    4. Land lightly on your toes and immediately crouch again.

    Long jump with a jogging back.

    1. Stand with your feet apart and your knees slightly bent.
    2. Swing both arms back and bend slightly lower, then swing your arms forward.
    3. Jump forward with both feet as far as possible and land lightly on the balls of your feet.
    4. Jog backwards to your starting point as quickly as possible.
    5. Repeat this. [19659009] Skater lunges
      1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, a slight knee bend and your arms bent at your hips.
      2. Swing your right foot to the left a few feet behind your body and land with your knees bent a few inches from the floor. Concentrate on activating the quads and glutes as you lower yourself.
      3. Bring the right foot back so that the feet are straight.
      4. Repeat this with the left foot.

    Take 45 minutes for this whole body workout you are doing.

    1. Start by warming up in the article above.
    2. Select three of your favorite movements from each section above (arms, buttocks, core and legs) and do each for 30 seconds, taking breaks if necessary. Aim for 3 rounds
    3. .

    This type of fitness routine is designed to bring your heart rate to an uncomfortable level that reaches your limits, and then rest you before repeating.

    There are many ways to do this. Most often, however, work is intensive for 20 seconds, followed by a 10-second pause that is repeated for up to 2 minutes. With the following videos you can get started depending on your fitness level.


    If you want to try HIIT but are nervous, try this option with little impact. If you have weak knees or other injuries, this effective, yet easier workout is a great way to work up a sweat without jeopardizing your health. It's also only 10 minutes!


    This 20-minute HIIT is entertaining, fast and difficult and ideal for experienced fitness enthusiasts. If you are guided by a variety of body weight movements, you will feel the burning sensation and end the feeling of the session.


    It can only be 30 minutes long, but this advanced workout will take every one of your muscles to the test. Make sure you have a water bottle ready for your very short breaks while being led through a full body weld. You will need it!

    If you're a seasoned exercise enthusiast, dumbbells and kettlebells are great ways to add weight to your strength training and speed things up.

    If you are new to using weights, take it slowly and listen to your body.

    Get dumbbells through Amazon.

    Get kettlebells through Amazon.

    Russian Kettlebell Swing

    This movement targets your shoulders, your back, your hips, glutes and legs!

    1. Stand upright with your feet slightly wider than the width of your hips.
    2. Grasp the kettlebell handle with both hands and hold your palms down and your arms in front of your body.
    3. Maintain a slight bend in your knees and pull your hips back.
    4. Lower your body, but not too low (this is not a squat!).
    5. Explosively flip your hips forward while swinging the kettlebell while keeping your glutes and core in engagement. (The movement should come from your hips, not from your arms when your body is standing again.)
    6. Lower the weight between your legs again and keep this swinging motion for 12–15 repetitions.

    Kettlebell slingshot [19659036] This exercise is aimed at your back, arms, abdominal muscles and inclines! Despite its name, no stones or rubber bands are required for this step.

    1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a kettlebell in front of you with your arms outstretched at chest level.
    2. Swing the kettlebell behind your back with one hand, then reach back with your other hand to grab it and swing it toward the front of your body.
    3. Continue for 8 to 12 repetitions, and then change direction.

    30 Minute Whole Body Routine

    Once you are ready to go to the next level with kettlebells or dumbbells, this 30 minute routine will challenge your muscles. If you cycle through a variety of complex and intense movements, you will build endurance and muscle strength.

    Sometimes we need a little more practical action to stay responsible for our fitness routine. Fortunately, many brands are offering many free workouts in response to the pandemic. Here are some to consider:

    Corepower Yoga

    Every week you will find a collection of free yoga classes online. These range from beginner to advanced as well as slow flowing and fast moving vinyasas.


    No, you don't need to have peloton equipment to enjoy your lessons! [19659002] In addition to rotating and running on a bike or treadmill, they offer pure audio workouts that you can take with you on a hike. If yoga and meditation are more your pace, you also have a choice of them. The OnePeloton app is currently free for 90 days.

    Daily Burning

    On Monday you want to try HIIT. On Tuesday you fancy cardio kickboxing. And on Wednesday it's time for a yoga cooldown. You can find all of these workouts – and many, many others – on DailyBurn. In addition to a large library, there is live training every day at 9 a.m.! Sign up for a free 60-day trial today.

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