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10 women share why they do not shave their body hair

Photo: Natalia Mantini / Refinery29 for Getty Images

There is still a stigma surrounding women and femme-identified people who do not shave, but 2018 has experienced a move towards hair pride that is gaining momentum. Peppered between #fitspirational post-workout imagery and smoothie shells, awesome images with hashtags like #bodyhair, #bodyhairdontcare and #womenwithbodyhair will likely appear in your Instagram feed. This summer, Mrs. Billie's shaver brand radiated a body hair ad for the first time ever. (Seriously ever ). A hairy image of Julia Roberts from 1

999 appeared again on social feeds, after Busy Philipps Roberts had asked for their now iconic memory of Hollywood their E! Talk Show, Busy Tonight and other celebrities such as Halsey Paris Jackson, Sc Willis and Miley Cyrus have gone online to give body hair some love too.

What's the point? No, it's not just about saving money with razors. "By recognizing and celebrating that all women have body hair and that some of them are proud of it, we can help stop the bodily injury and have more real representation of real women," says Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley , (Sounds like another part of the body-positive movement that we can certainly leave behind.)

Against this background, 10 women with body hairs tell IRL why they can no longer remove their body hair and how it is. The choice has its relationship with influenced their bodies.

"I feel beautiful, feminine and strong." – Roxane S., 28

"I stopped removing my body hair when I acted as an actress in a play a few years ago, I did not care about the hair, which made me realize that I was Occasionally, people give me comments to shave me, but I did not allow myself to be influenced, I love my body hair and myself the way I am, and that's how I feel beautiful, feminine and strong. "

" I wanted to bring less garbage to the landfill. " – Callee A., 25

" I stopped shaving my legs over six months ago because I threw away my last plastic disposable razor, I did not buy any more because I did not. To limit the garbage, I send it to the landfill, and I found that I love the time I save, if I can Do not shave your legs, and the Rebel in me enjoys being against the status quo. "

" I've actually stopped removing my bikini and leg hair, so I'm going everywhere right now. I feel so me … as I do not try to be someone else. I feel sexier, more alive, and more self-confident in my skin than before when I tried to interfere with society's expectations by shaving, waxing, and so on.

It's not for everyone, and I do not necessarily preach armpit hair. Everyone should do what they want with their bodies. But not all have the privilege – I recognize that it is a privilege for me to wear this hair in public without danger to safety – even though I get a judgment, criticism and base comments and even lost 4,000 followers when I've posted my body hair on Instagram. It just made me so much safer that I made the right decision to wear my body proudly, whatever it looks like! (Related: Why Body Shaming is such a Big Problem – and What You Can Do About it to Stop It) [19659007] "So The Razor Can Heal Forever." – Tara E., 39

"After decades of irritating my armpits every day, I decided to heal the rash and razor. Why did I do that to myself? Did I think that scaly armpits were sexier than hairy? I have made the choice to love and accept my body as it is. In addition, razor blades are expensive, so I saved money. "

" Because body hair is natural. -Debbie A. 23

"I have stopped shaving my body hair because it is a razor. I am a part of it. The company has been telling women for so long that their hair is gross and inappropriate. For me it is natural and everyone has it, so why should not I love it? I am a relatively unremarkable person and razors are laborious, besides I tend to ingrown hairs that … hurt a lot. It's been years since I bought a razor – and my wallet, the earth and my body thank me for that. "

" To make a statement about beauty standards. " – Jessa C., 22

" Women are constantly being asked to buy products and treatments that strengthen the belief in hairlessness. We are told that our natural (very hairy) bodies are not good enough. That's why it's important to me to fight for the right for women to (or not) grow their body hair, and make it comfortable for me to rock their hair at will. For example, I'm fanning my eyebrows, but I do not pull my upper lip, pluck stray neck or chin hair, or shave my forearms or legs.

At the end of the day we decide as women for it Our body is our choice. And if we decide to rock a bit of stache or hairy limbs or wax once a week or shave it off, it's up to us to choose, not the society or opinionated people who dictate it. Through my hair choices, I hope to slowly free myself from the frightened little girl in me who has been taught that someone is afraid of the extra hair on my body. (Related: Cassey Ho has created a timeline of "Ideal Body" types "(to illustrate the ridiculousness of beauty standards)

" I stopped shaving when I came out as weird. " – Kori O. , 28

"I began to grow my body hair around the time I came to my friends and my family five years ago as a queer." After getting acquainted with my sexuality, I began working with my body and myself I think that I'm a queer woman of color and I'm familiar with who I am, what I have to do. "Younger impressive people (like my 6-year-old sister) can now recognize that I'm not like other women my age and that's fine! (and TBH, she accepts that much more than anyone else in my family!) I feel like a self-confident adult woman with grown body hair. "

It beg ann with a November challenge without shave. " -Alexandra M., 23

" I actually started growing No-Shave in November because I thought it would be fun. And frankly it was not easy for me. As soon as my hair got longer and thicker, I wanted to lose it every time I stepped into the shower. We are used to seeing hairless and supple as a standard at a young age, which is nice, so I fought. But I still have not shaved because I want to face the social beauty standards rooted in me since my youth and change the way I see beauty in me. "

" I feel confident. " -Diandrea B., 24

" I have not shaved for years because it makes me feel sexy, confident and confident. It's that simple. The decision not to shave can be a polarizing decision. My family has opinions about what they share and some of my acquaintances from childhood – but this is a decision I can stand behind. And I will not make an appointment with someone who can not stand behind my choice (or who does not find my hair sexy). "

" Because it's my choice. " – Alyssa, 29 [19659028]" My body hair is simple . And that's the point for me: to be in my body, proud. Whether I leave my hair alone or get rid of it, it's my choice. Having it, not having it, does not change my self-esteem. Ultimately, I care more about it than relentlessly strict beauty standards. "

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