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10 things you should know before you get a brazilian or bikini wax

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If you've ever had a bikini or Brazilian wax, you're probably familiar with your first experiences. There are about a plethora of questions coming to mind: How much will it hurt? Should I take an aspirin first? How short should I cut it? How long does it take? (By the way, so make sure your wax studio is real before you go.)

You can ask your beautician if you have any questions – really anything. You really heard (and saw) everything. Do not Believe It! Here are aesthetics who have given thousands of brazilians and bikini waxes, everything you want to know. (See: 8 Brutally Honest Confessions from Massage Therapists)

You can provide moral support.

"For the first time, during a waking experience, it's okay to take a friend with you to help ̵

1; even if you want to bring them into your room!" -Marta Camkiran, beautician at the Haven Spa in New York City

Do not come in after a hard workout.

"We are glad that you want to be fit, but please come in when someone is down there, which means taking a moment to refresh yourself in the bathroom or with baby wipes (which is usually convenient) This does not mean that you need to shower directly, but are just obliging and take a few seconds to refresh myself. I want to exercise right after the treatment. (This is not usually recommended.) Heat and friction can irritate the environment and cause rashes and bumps You want to treat the first 24 hours gently as if you were getting sunburned. " – Jennifer Belser, s Technician at the Pulse Laser & Skincare Center

Feel free to ask for a draft.

"Do not be too shy to ask for a mold or a design When you get a Brazilian wax, just because you've planned a Brazilian does not mean that everything has to be removed. I've seen everything! " -Camkiran

Consider rescheduling if you're in a bad mood.

"When you come in and are in a terrible mood after a bad day, you may feel your ministry more intense. I had customers after a terrible day at work and they say, "Wow, that hurts more today!" I can say that they are in a bad mood and I ask "hard day?" and what do you know – that's usually the case. Try to think straight before you enter the door. We're back to help you, and we do not want to hurt you. If you can try to be positive, you will feel less uncomfortable overall. -Belser

You do not have to cancel if you have your period.

"Sometimes you need wax because you're going on vacation or letting something appear at the last minute , But you should not be ashamed during this time of the month. As long as you have a tampon, you have grown well! " -Camkiran

We do not notice anything else about you.

" There is only one V left to see – nobody judges. As you probably already know, the area does not look the same from woman to woman. After more than 15 years as a beautician it is part of everyday life to see hair of all lengths, colors and shapes. Our ultimate goal is to remove hair as effectively and painlessly as possible. No, we do not judge and stare. – Ann Balaguera, n. National Aesthetics Director at The Red Door

You can ask for help in dealing with ingrown hair. [19659005] "It is unfortunate that sometimes waxing and shaving cause ingrown hairs. (Pro Tip: If this is a big problem for you, opt for laser hair removal!) It's suitable for all skin tones and removes hair, eliminating your ingrown growth over time.) Ingrown hair is normal. Do not pick them because they cause scar tissue and possibly another infection. Ask your beautician if he can perform extractions at the provided locations. I sometimes spend 15 to 20 minutes and will book additional time for clients who need extractions on their lady parts. – Belser

A topical cream (plus relaxation) can relieve the pain.

"The first time people experience bikini / Brazilian wax, it will probably be the most painful , Since people do not know what to expect, they tend to be much tighter and more nervous, which can automatically cause more pain. The more relaxed you are, the better the experience will be. Try to apply a topical anesthetic solution at least 30 minutes before the appointment to minimize discomfort. In my experience, the majority of first-time adopters think "it's not that bad," and they keep coming back for maintenance cleanups. " – Balaguera

Do not come in a hangover

" If you have decided to try everything in the bar the night before, do yourself a favor and cancel Appointment you have the next day. A hangover usually comes with an upset stomach. I once ran a client to the bathroom (barefoot!) To the toilet, and they barely made it there before letting go of their bowels, but not before I got wind right in my face. Belser [19659004] Please spread your legs.

"Guests should expect their legs to be splayed at certain points of the appointment eagle (frog-like position) so that the beautician reaches all the right places to effectively remove the hair to remove. I once had a guest who had completely closed her legs after applying wax to the majority of her women's parts, causing the wax to stick to each other – but not! "
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